Tips for Dealing with Post-Baby Body

There are a few physical challenges that mommies deal with after childbirth. While much of your time is spent loving and taking care of your little bundle of joy, you also have to deal with the changes of your body and get back to your original state. Here are some tips to help you get through the common body changes.


  1. Squeeze Before You Sneeze

With your little baby having put all sorts of pressure on your pelvic floor and bladder for nine months, a sneeze, giggle, or cough can cause a little leakage soon after giving birth. While this is just normal for the most of moms, it can be a problem and for the most of us embarrassing. To prevent this from happening, squeeze your pelvic floor once you feel like a sneeze or cough is about to happen. This somehow blocks the bladder and prevents leakage from happening.

  1. Dress Accordingly

Most women get problematic abdominal sizes after pregnancy. To deal with this postpartum side effect, wear empire style tops. An empire top accentuates the skinniest part of your body, which is right under the bust, and flows away from the rest of your tummy area. This is a popular style today, so you won’t feel or look like you’re still in maternity wear.Dropshipping-Women-Newest-Sleeveless-Empire-Waist-Dot-Contrast-Color-Wear-to-Work-Elegant-Cut-Dresses-With

  1. Ice Your Breasts

The first weeks of being a mom will feel like most of your time revolves around feeding your little one. One side effect of this is engorged breasts that almost always feel full. They will be bigger than your normal size and most of the time more sensitive. Instead of having to express milk right away to empty it, try relieving them with a cold pack or cabbage leaves, which is said to reduce irritations and engorgement.

  1. Adjust Your Beauty Routine

Throughout the pregnancy stage, you would be accustomed to the changes in your skin and hair’s condition, all thanks to the unstable hormones. These changes may continue postpartum: you’ll experience hair fall in handfuls for up to six months and your skin may become super sensitive to sunlight. Any stretch marks will eventually fade as long as it’s treated well.

In the months following your childbirth, the best you can do is to embrace these natural body changes and feel good about your postpartum figure.  Be patient and realize that your body needs enough time to get into its former shape and regain its reliable functions.image002

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