The Qualifications of a Journalist

In today’s modern world, being a journalist is not anymore famous and is being disregarded due to the modern devices that are invented and are continuously improved. On the other hand, this is not a problem for some experienced and professional journalists because they can still go with the flow of the new technologies that are being discovered by the great inventors today.


But because of these discoveries, there is a wider scope of information that is gathered. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easier to get some info; it only quick and it is still hard to find information most especially if it is not accessible to the public. While being in the journalism field is not easy; it is more difficult when you want to be a journalist. Below are some of the qualifications to be a journalist:


  • Creative Mind – Most of the time, there is a need to be creative and resourceful because in this kind of career anything could happen in a rapid motion. He needs to acquire a talented mind t be able to construct articles in a fast manner.
  • Character – This is very important in this kind of profession because you are facing different individual with different professions. They maybe famous celebrities or they might be high ranking officials in different organizations.
  • Formal Education – Once an individual has finished a liberal education, it is assumed that he is knowledgeable about the ethics, the rules and the regulations of being a journalist.670px-Be-a-Good-Journalist-Step-6

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