Simple Packing Tips for the Inexperienced Traveler

So, you decide that this year you want to start exploring the world and traveling more. After your first trip, you realize that your baggage is holding you back and that there might be more effective ways to pack! Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some simple packing tips for when you have to travel both in and out of Singapore!

1. Do your packing early

It’s not exactly a big deal if you cram your packing at the last minute but it definitely is more stressful. You can save yourself the hassle by simply packing early! The biggest reason you should is that you won’t forget anything. When you pack early, you have time to add or remove any items in your bags. This also means you won’t just throw in whatever items you think you need as a result of packing late. Of course, you also won’t bring anything else by accident and add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

2. Roll Your Clothes to save some space

There are a lot of people who fold their clothes before putting them in the bags. Actually, a more effective method is to roll your clothes! Try it out and you’ll see just how much space you can save. You’ll also have an easier time finding the shirt you want to wear for that day without leaving a whole mess in your luggage. Once you store those rolled clothes, you’ll notice that you will still have space for smaller items like your underwear, socks, toiletries, etc.

3. Take advantage of your shoes

If you’re bringing a shoe bag, for example, you’ll be able to bring more socks by stuffing them in your shoes. You can also put smaller items like earphones in them to save space. Just make sure you keep them in a plastic or paper bag to keep everything hygienic. Just like before, you also won’t risk disarranging everything in your bag just to get these smaller items.

4. Consider not bringing smaller pouches anymore

If you really want to save space, avoid bringing smaller pouches. Think about it, if you put a toiletry bag and a makeup bag in one backpack, you will notice that they would occupy more space. You’ll have a lot of wasted space! If you really have to, just have one pouch where you can keep all these essentials without also leaving a mess.

5. Choose the right bag

Choose the right bag depending on the trip. If you’re not going to be gone for long, of course, you won’t need to bring a large suitcase. Actually, if possible, stick to smaller ones so that you can keep everything light. This will be plenty times more convenient not only for your finances (if there is a baggage fare) but your trip as a whole.

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