Signs That You Are in a Bad Relationship

Being in a relationship can be a serious commitment. Even if you’re not planning for marriage yet, you’re still investing a considerable amount of time and energy with another person. The problem is, things aren’t always going to turn out the right way. More than anything, your emotional and mental health can be affected if your relationship starts to get rough. So here are some signs you should watch out for.

1.  Gaslighting

Let’s start with one of the worst forms of manipulation there is, gaslighting. Gaslighting is basically a tactic wherein the manipulator makes you question yourself and your sanity. One simple example is blatant lying. When it’s already very obvious that the other person is lying but he/she insists that “you’re just imagining things” or something like that.

2.  Your partner is being passive-aggressive

Another warning sign you definitely should not ignore is passive-aggressiveness. It’s pretty toxic because the other person makes you feel guilty just so he can get what he wants. No matter how much you think about it, it’s not healthy because the other person is using guilt instead of actually engaging in a discussion with you. If you let this go on, you’ll only make things more miserable for yourself.

3.  You submit to your partner’s opinions

If you find that you’re constantly changing your opinion just to please your partner, then that’s a bad sign. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to speak your mind freely without facing the criticism of your partner. If you consider not speaking at all because you’re going to get nagged by your partner anyways, that will be very taxing for you emotionally and mentally.

4.  There’s no trust anymore

Trust, of course, is crucial in any relationship. One of the more common examples is of sharing social media accounts. Some people like to know their partner’s social media passwords so that they know who their partner interacts with. But doing this is somehow breaching privacy already. Snooping too much on their interactions only show that you lack trust. Sometimes it can even be a reflection of you. You’re snooping too much because you are already guilty of breaking your partner’s trust.

5.  You simply do not feel good about the relationship anymore

With all the points mentioned above, you may just start feeling like the relationship isn’t the same anymore. You might start mutually avoiding each other just to spend some time apart. Or maybe you just stopped communicating as much as before. This is a good sign that you’re growing tired of the relationship already. Just don’t deny it and recognize that, if really taken to the extreme, you’ll just end it there.

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