Photography Lesson: Choosing the Right Background


Before you hire a photo studio, it’s a good idea to be aware of the importance of your background. The background is one of the most important aspects of photo shooting. To get the best possible photo, you’ll need a background that’s neither too dull nor too cluttered. If the background is dull, the entire photo may seem dull. But if the background is too busy, it may take attention away from the image itself.  You’re supposed to be the star of the photo shoot. The background is just there to complement your photo.


Using Proper Lighting

The background will need to be properly lighted. Modern photography equipment can help adjust the lighting. By adjusting the lighting of the background, the subject can either be brought into or out of focus. There are three main types of lighting that are very popular among photographers. These are:

  • Graduated – The subject of the photo shoot will stand in front of a curved background with the source of light coming from above. The goal is to make the top of the background appear lighter than the bottom.


  • Dropped Out – The subject will stand on a clear platform with the source of light coming from below the platform. A white background or a solid colored one works best here. The goal here is to make it seem like the subject is suspended above the ground.


  • Even lighting – Here, the entire photo is evenly lighted. Neither the subject nor the background is overexposed.


Choosing the Background Color

You’ll want a background color that will complement your looks and that will fit the style of photo you’re looking for. There’s no right or wrong answer as to what color you should use. In the end, it depends on the need of your photo. Different colors are known to provide different reactions or emotions from the audience. For example, the color blue may signify calmness and intelligence.

Using Plain Black Background

A black background may make the subject seem more sophisticated. Red is usually assorted with love or aggression. If you’re unsure which background color to use, one of the simplest guides is to get a color based on your gender. Dark colors like brown and black work well on male subjects because they show strength. Lighter shades which reflect tenderness are better for females. Of course you’ll need to take other things into consideration like skin color, eye color, or the subject’s clothes.

If these tips fail, there’s no need to worry. Modern technology can fix a lot of things and that includes your photo background. If your photo doesn’t turn out as expected, the photo studio can edit it using software. As you can see above, choosing the right background is not as simple as it may seem. Proper equipment is important as if knowing the effects of lighting. This is why you may choose to hire photo studio instead of having your photos taken outside.


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