Flowers in Full Bloom

Flowers give us a sense of happiness when we see it. The recent dry spell here in Singapore halted the blooming of flowers but the rain showered the land with blessings. People now see the beauty of flowers surrounding Singapore. It is indeed a nice sight to marvel. Flowers should be considered because of its beauty.


Many people here in Singapore wish that they can have a garden but that takes a lot of space. If you want to witness the beauty of flowers, you should go to parks and other nature reserves. The good news is that you can easily marvel over flowers in full bloom this season because they are just around the corner. There are variety of trees (including other plants) that you can consider. Here are some flowers and trees in full bloom now:

  • The Trumpet Tree: Trumpet trees belong to the Bignoniaceae family. Its common name is roble. Trumpet trees can grow up to 25 metres. It is broad and pointed. It is called trumpet tree because of its trumpet-shaped blossoms. The blossoms can either be pink or white. Trumpet trees are found in North Buona Vista Road and Robertson Quay.
  • Golden Penda: Golden Penda belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is a popular plant that shows off its yellow blooms. Golden Penda can grow up to 15 metres. It is famous for its golden-coloured blossoms. Golden Pendas are found along Braddell Road.
  • Golden Shower Tree: Golden shower trees belong to the Fabaceae family. Golden shower tree is famous because it can either be an ornamental plant or herbal medicine. Golden shower tree can grow up to 20 metres. Golden shower trees are found in Geylang and Guilemard Road.  243817_2146687513266_5879112_o
  • Flame Tree: Flame trees belong to Fabaceaa family. It can grow up to 25 metres. The flowers are yellow. Flame tree is an ornamental tree and its wood can be used for cabinet-making and other furniture. Flame trees are found in Commonwealth Avenue West, Kallang Road and Jurong West Street.
  • Cat Claw Ivy: Cat Claw Ivy belongs to Bignoniaceae family. It can grow up to 25 feet. It is a clinging or a climbing vine. Its flowers are bright yellow that are funnel-shaped. Cat Claw Ivies are found in Holland and Havelock Road.

You can spread the joy of flowers by sharing your photographs. The National Parks Board are encouraging Singaporeans and visitors to share their picture and join in the competition. You can simply tag your photos in Facebook or Instagram using #sgblooms. The competitions will be until April 30, 2014. What are you waiting for? You should send your entries now.


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