Simple Packing Tips for the Inexperienced Traveler

So, you decide that this year you want to start exploring the world and traveling more. After your first trip, you realize that your baggage is holding you back and that there might be more effective ways to pack! Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some simple packing tips for when you have to travel both in and out of Singapore!

1. Do your packing early

It’s not exactly a big deal if you cram your packing at the last minute but it definitely is more stressful. You can save yourself the hassle by simply packing early! The biggest reason you should is that you won’t forget anything. When you pack early, you have time to add or remove any items in your bags. This also means you won’t just throw in whatever items you think you need as a result of packing late. Of course, you also won’t bring anything else by accident and add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

2. Roll Your Clothes to save some space

There are a lot of people who fold their clothes before putting them in the bags. Actually, a more effective method is to roll your clothes! Try it out and you’ll see just how much space you can save. You’ll also have an easier time finding the shirt you want to wear for that day without leaving a whole mess in your luggage. Once you store those rolled clothes, you’ll notice that you will still have space for smaller items like your underwear, socks, toiletries, etc.

3. Take advantage of your shoes

If you’re bringing a shoe bag, for example, you’ll be able to bring more socks by stuffing them in your shoes. You can also put smaller items like earphones in them to save space. Just make sure you keep them in a plastic or paper bag to keep everything hygienic. Just like before, you also won’t risk disarranging everything in your bag just to get these smaller items.

4. Consider not bringing smaller pouches anymore

If you really want to save space, avoid bringing smaller pouches. Think about it, if you put a toiletry bag and a makeup bag in one backpack, you will notice that they would occupy more space. You’ll have a lot of wasted space! If you really have to, just have one pouch where you can keep all these essentials without also leaving a mess.

5. Choose the right bag

Choose the right bag depending on the trip. If you’re not going to be gone for long, of course, you won’t need to bring a large suitcase. Actually, if possible, stick to smaller ones so that you can keep everything light. This will be plenty times more convenient not only for your finances (if there is a baggage fare) but your trip as a whole.

5 Things You Should Never Do in Your Hotel Room

Travelling gives you the opportunity to stay in luxurious hotels, and we all love the experience—somebody makes the bed for you, brings you food when you call for it and lets you use its amenities anytime you want (e.g. the pool, gym, spa and massage, etc.).

However, being a guest doesn’t mean you can do everything you want to do. Other than the obvious “don’t yell at the hallway,” here are the biggest hotel no-no’s that can easily turn your dream vacation into a travel nightmare.

Cook without proper kitchen area

It’s understandable that we want to save money when travelling. If you are the type who brings portable cooking appliances when you travel, be aware that it may be a source of problem for some hotels, especially if the room you’re getting has no kitchenette. These appliances can set off fire alarms or worse may cause fire. Instead, stick to no-cook meals or prep your own meals that you can keep in the fridge and reheat in the oven.

Restock the mini-bar

Mini-bars are there for you to enjoy. But if you’re planning to take that bottle of beer out of that fridge, just accept the fact that you will be paying for it. Don’t try sneaking in a fresh new bottle to replace what you’ve got. While you probably think you have replaced it, you’d still be charged for taking that bottle of spirit.

Do sensitive transactions over the hotel Wi-Fi

You should never, ever perform any sensitive transaction using the hotel’s free Wi-Fi. Given how easy it is to hack Wi-Fi hotspots, you might as well yell your bank details and passwords down the hall. Use your own mobile data if you must use the internet for sensitive businesses.

Sneak in your pet

Many of us bring our furry friends on vacations, but make sure to check with your hotel before booking your room. If the hotel won’t allow, do not try to sneak it in—animals leave evidences, from smells, to hairs to paw prints—if you wouldn’t want to be charged with extra fee.

Leave valuable items in your suitcase

Even the most expensive hotels cannot always stop thieves from breaking into their premises, so never leave your jewelry, purses, cash or wallet in your suitcase or anywhere in your room, unless your hotel provides your room with a safe.

Whether you are having a staycation or going out of town, your hotel stay should be a relaxing and fun experience. Do not put yourself in a sticky situation by doing any of these aforementioned things. Since we all want to be able to return to our favorite hotels anytime, abide to the house rules and be a courteous guest at all times.

Why You Should Travel to Cambodia


Singaporeans are considered to be one of the most frequent travelers in the world. The top places Singaporeans love to go to are Japan, Australia, and South Korea. These are developed countries so it’s not surprising why we are attracted to these places. Taking a different route, my friends and I traveled to a third world Southeast Asian country recently and found the experience just as rewarding. Cambodia doesn’t have any modern architectural triumphs like the Tokyo Tower, Sidney Harbor, and the Seoul Tower. It doesn’t have efficient transportation systems like the bullet trains. And it also doesn’t have four seasons. But despite what it lacks, it’s still worth going to Cambodia. I’ll give you top 3 reasons why.


The Cambodian people

This third world country relies mainly on tourism for its economy. The people earn their living by selling books, souvenir items, and other memorabilia to tourists. Almost all Cambodians know how to speak elementary English. But it’s not just English. They also know a thing or two of other languages. That’s because they earn their living from the foreigners that they get to interact with everyday. For this reason, you’ll find that walking on the streets of Siem Reap will bring you an encounter with a smiling and friendly Cambodian. But they don’t come off as daunting, or someone who may be hiding a bad agenda. Most Cambodian kids will even tell you right away what they want – buy their product if they’re selling one or just you for a dollar. Your memories of Cambodia will be packed with Cambodian smiles and friendly faces.

The historyangkor-wat

What history Cambodians have! You’ll have to spend a day or two at historic places such as The Killing Fields, S21, and museums. But make sure you visit on the first days of your visit. You wouldn’t want your last days in Cambodia to be depressing. I’ll warn you in advance that it will be emotionally heavy. But the reason you still need to go and take The Killing Fields and S21 tour is because of the story behind. History reveals a dark side of human nature that was a reality during Khmer Rouge. People need to be reminded of what happened so we can learn from history. The memory will also make everyone appreciate what Cambodia has now.

The Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the most iconic tourist destination in Cambodia. It also happens to be the largest religious monument ever built. Angkor Wat is actually just one of the temples you’ll find in Angkor. Angkor used to be an ancient city in the Khmer empire. Now it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from the Angkor Wat temple, you’ll also get to explore other famous Angkor temples like Bayon and Ta-Prohm. Ta-Prohm is the “Tomb Raider” temple. Yep, this is where Angelina Jolie’s action movie was filmed. Give yourself a total of two days to explore all the temples. Catch your breath – you’ll do a lot of walking around. And because you’ll find the ancient structures breath-taking.20150517CAMBODIA-slide-U2FN-jumbo

Best Vacation Spots in Asia  


Asia is home to some beautiful cities and destinations for any kind of vacation whether for the summer, for Christmas, or any season and occasion. Some cities are home to beautiful beaches while others have old ruins and temples that have stood the test of time. And, if you’re looking for a night out in a big city, there are plenty of great spots in Asia. We’ve compiled a list to help you pick out an ideal vacation spot.


  1. Hong Kong

This city is a sneak peak to what China is all about. But it is a little different from China because it was formerly a British colony. Which means that there are also certain Western aspects to this bustling city, which is home to theme parks, signature shops for shopping, and excursion sites. There are plenty of attractions in Hong Kong. But nothing is more attractive in this city than the beautiful cityscape.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is home to some of the oldest temples in all of Asia. Not only can you enjoy old ruins in this city but it also has some of the best beaches in the region, which makes it an ideal honeymoon and adventure spot for many couples and tourists.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan, Tokyo is as bustling and as large a city as any other in the world. However, despite its reputation as one of the busiest cities, you’ll come to enjoy Tokyo because of its array of museums, temples, and skyscrapers. Best of all, nothing beats the taste of authentic Japanese

  1. Phuket, Thailand

When it comes to beaches and beautiful scenery, nothing may come as good as Phuket. This spot is ideal for anyone looking to relax on the beachside while enjoying a cold bottle of beer. Best of all, Phuket is one of the more affordable vacation spots in Asia.

  1. Boracay Island, Philippines

One of the best summer destinations in all of Asia, Boracay is famous for its white sand beaches lined up with plenty of luxury resorts. This spot is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the beachside during the day while partying the night out as this little island is home to some of the best parties in the region.


4 Travel Traps That Will Put Your Relationship to a Test

They always say that travelling together with your man is a good way to see how strong and steady your relationship is. It will allow you to discover one another’s quirky habits and get to know each other on a much deeper level. But although it will reveal a lot of things about your partner, it might also lead to a serious conflict. If not careful enough, these four travel traps might turn your dream getaway into a nightmare and even put your relationship to a test.


1. Running Late For Your Trip. If there is something that can ruin your mood during your trip, it would be tardiness. While it may not be your fault, running late for you airport check-ins, or any activity in your vacation may lead to quarrels and missed experiences that you could’ve both enjoyed.

To avoid this from happening, ensure that both of you can get to your agreed venue hours before your scheduled time. If the circumstances are just beyond your control, compensate because sure enough there are other fun things that you can enjoy during your trip.

2. Sudden Changes in the Itinerary. You’ve finally arrived at your destination and you can no longer contain your excitement for the tour you’d be joining, when it suddenly gets cancelled. This kind of changes are quite common in trips, especially if you’re going to engage in outdoor activities like hiking as this kind of activities rely on the weather.76388-640x360-national-gallery-couple-640

If this happens in your trip, consider it as an opportunity for you to do other things that you like. You can go and explore the area, or just cuddle up in your room. At least you’ve got enough time to unwind along with your significant other.

3. Failing to be Agree on the Same Thing. If his idea of enjoying your trip include activities like bungee jumping, while yours is relaxing in your hotel and reading some good book, then there’s a big chance that you’ll experience a bit of friction during your trip.

A good way to avoid this is to manage each other’s expectations of the trip and create an itinerary around those expectations. That way, you’ll have enough time to enjoy the activities that you like and have a happy and satisfying trip.

4. Getting Lost. While it can be a fun adventure to get lost in a new place, it could also become the root of your argument and conflict during the trip. Getting lost may not be much of a problem though, if you’re in a place with lots of people and cell site, but if you’re in a rural area, then you may need to put some extra effort to find your way home.

When this happens, don’t hesitate to ask for directions from the locals. You can also look for public places like restaurants and police stations to assist you. What’s important is that you stay together and extend your patience with each other. As much as possible, avoid finger-pointing because it won’t help in the situation that you’re in.lost-couple-traveling-honeymoon1

5 Best Sites for Booking Flights Online

No trip begins without booking a flight and accommodation first, and with a lot of sites available today, booking everything can become a time-consuming process.  Luckily, we’ve listed down five of the best online sites that can help you with your travelling needs and allow you to book your travel like a pro.


  1. Kayak

Just like with other booking sites, Kayak promises to be your single destination when it comes to airfare, hotel bookings, car rentals and even your vacation packages.  What’s unique about Kayak is that they dig through hundreds of booking and travel sites to provide you with the lowest possible price on travel. Their service is also quite simple to use. You just have to select what you need – flight, hotel stay or car rental – and input the dates of your trip. Once the results appear, you can just modify other available options from the sidebar, making booking a flight and hotel such an easy task.

  1. Hipmunk

Another similar site that helps you search for the lowest airfare, hotel bookings and car rentals is Hipmunk. Other than serving you the best prices there is, Hipmunk also offers a perk that you won’t be able to find elsewhere – the sorting of flights using an “agony” factor. Through this, you’ll have an idea as to what you might get for before booking a flight or a room, making it a lot easier for you to pick the flight or hotel that works for your budget and needs.

  1. Travelocity

Known as one of the pioneering websites for travel search, Travelocity also offers flight, hotel, car rental and package searches. But unlike other sites, Travelocity acts like a virtual travel agent that allows direct flight and hotel bookings so that you can secure your travel details with them. If there are some changes or problems with your booking, you can simply call them and they’ll gladly work on your concern.travelocity

  1. ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix is site perfect for travellers who love to tweak airfares, get extended layovers and book multi-city flights. The site directly searches on major airlines while allowing globetrotters to modify every aspect of their search. With ITA Matrix’s nature however, you’ll need to be a bit knowledgeable about how booking airfare works. By knowing the sales city options and sales currency, you can already use ITA Matrix to travel the world at cheap prices.

  1. SkyScanner

If you love travelling but don’t have enough time to master ITA Matrix, then SkyScanner is for you. The travel booking site will show you a month and even a year overview of flight airfares between two cities. Aside from that, SkyScanner also has a mobile app that you can use to book trips on-the-go. It has a globe view with the prices from your departure location hovering around the map, providing an inspiration for your next destination.

With these online travel sites, travelling around the globe already became easier. So, what are you waiting for? Start satisfying your wanderlust now in just a few mouse clicks.skyscanner-new2

Singapore: Top 4 Things that You Might Not Like When at the Beach

When we go to the beach, we are expecting to have a stress free and blissful beach vacation. However, if you are in a beach that is crowded with people, then do not expect that bad things will become better. The only way to enjoy your beach holiday is to get rid of these 5 annoying situations, things and people. best-beach-vacations

  1. Defecating in the Water – The most simple rule is to not pee in the water. But why there are some people who are shitting in the ocean. Probably, these are people who lack good manners. Always remember that you do not own the beach.
  2. Deafening Music –There are beach parties that happen on beach. And whether you like it or not, there will always be a loud music associated with it. Even when you are inside the hotel, you will hear those blaring music which most of the time
  3. Cats and Dogs – Many beach resorts allow pets like dogs and cats. Since they are animals, it would be very hard for them to find their own bathroom and go pee or poop. Also, they can be distracting because they sometimes barking without any reason at all.
  4. Rubbish – After the party or whatsoever, you will notice some large volume of trash in the seashore. Most of the time, people give the excuse that garbage cans is full making them throw their rubbish anywhere. In reality, there is really no excuse in throwing your garbage. In fact, you can put it in your pocket but if it’s too large just call the attention of the resort personnel and let him send the garbage to an appropriate place.