What to Tell Your Doctor on Your Annual Health Clinic Visit

STD screening isn’t part of a person’s annual physical exam. However, for many people, it probably should be. If you are sexually active or engaged in other risky behaviour, it’s very important to discuss your sexual health risk factors with your doctor when you go to a GP clinic. To help you, we’ve listed down some of the important things you should discuss with your doctor during your visit.


1. The number of sexual partners you’ve had in the past years

Some doctors in a women’s health clinic don’t usually ask about the sexual history of their patients, which is why it is your duty to keep them informed about the sexual activities you’ve done in the previous years. Sharing such information with your doctor will help him or her in assessing your risk of acquiring certain types of STDs.

2. If you have a history of having acquired an STD infection

Disclosing a history of STD infection, if applicable, is crucial for several reasons. The most important reason would be is that you’ll know if ever you’ve acquired an incurable form of STD, and if you’re at a greater risk of developing other types of illnesses. Sharing this information will also help your doctor during your men health checkup at M Lam clinic in Singapore to assess your risk of developing a new infection – either because of the risky behaviours you engage in, or because you’re selecting sexual partners from a higher-risk pool.

3. If you’re sexually involved with someone who’s infected with an STD

If you’ve had sexual contact with a person whom you know is infected with the disease, then your doctor will likely ask you to undergo an STD screening test. If possible, let your doctor know when your partner was first diagnosed with the disease, as well as the activities you both engage in. For instance, if you performed unprotected oral sex on someone who has chlamydia, then your healthcare provider will likely ask you to undergo a throat swab.

4. If you notice any STD-related symptoms on your body

Not all STDs can be detected through a urine or blood test done at a health clinics; some of it are diagnosed through their symptoms. So if you notice any pain, discharge, itching, or bumps in your body, particularly in and around your mouth and sexual organ, make sure to inform your doctor. Providing them with as much helpful information would increase your chance of getting an accurate diagnosis.

5. If you (or your partner) have multiple sex partners

Knowing the number of people you’re sexually involved with, or whether your partner is involved with other people, will help your doctor in evaluating your risk of acquiring an STD. You should also discuss whether or not you’ve practiced safe sex with some or all of your partners, so your healthcare provider will be able to recommend a more suitable STD or HIV testing for you.

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6. If you’ve engaged in receptive anal sex

Similar to other types of sexual practices, engaging in receptive anal sex carries risks. If you regularly perform anal sex, then you might need to get tested for various anal STDs like gonorrhoea and HPV. But do let your doctor know if you use condoms when you engage in anal sex, since doing so greatly reduces your chances of developing an STD.

7. If you’ve performed oral sex on your partner

Just like anal sex, oral sex also comes with its own STD risks. According to health experts in Singapore, engaging in an oral sex with your partner puts you at risk of oral or HPV infections, including chlamydia or gonorrhoea. Although these risks are not that high, it’s still important to disclose such information to your doctor – especially if your partner has been diagnosed with the disease in the past.

8. If you engaged in a sexual intercourse with the same gender

Men who have sex with men (who are not in a monogamous relationship) are at a higher risk of getting STDs like syphilis and HIV. That said, the STD screening recommendations for these individuals differ from other men. Their screenings are done more frequently, and it includes additional STD tests like rectal STD screens.

9. If you and your partner are planning to have a baby

Acquiring certain types of STDs can be dangerous for a pregnant woman and her baby, which is why it’s a good idea to get undergo an STD screening if you’re planning to get pregnant or is already pregnant. That way, you can be treated early on to reduce your risk of developing a fatal neonatal infection. Similarly, it’s also a good idea for men to visit a men’s health clinic that offers STD tests to avoid or lower the chances of passing the disease to their pregnant partners.

Fortunately, safer STD treatment options are now available to reduce the chances of developing foetal infections without putting the pregnancy at risk.

10. If you have other behavioural or health factors that may affect your STD risk

Apart from engaging in unsafe sex, health behaviours like douching or injecting drugs also affect your STD risk. Similarly, having health conditions or using certain medications that affect your immune system might change your vulnerability to the infection. Discussing these factors with your doctor will help in assessing your risk of developing more serious diseases like HIV, and in providing you an opportunity to learn new ways of managing your health.

Even if you’re not a candidate for an STD or HIV testing, do make it a habit to inform your doctor about your sexual health to protect yourself from STDs. So take note of the aforementioned details, and make sure that you disclose all the important information to your healthcare provider in each of your visits.

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How to Locate a Good Plastic Surgeon in Singapore

It’s certain that most of us would want to find a well-qualified surgeon to perform our surgical procedure. However, it is not that easy to look for a surgeon that would fit all our qualifications. So to help you with your search, here are some ways that you can do so that you can already start looking in some aesthetic clinic for the best plastic surgeon in Singapore:

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1. Identify the procedure that you want to undergo to. One good way to search for the best surgeon for your procedure is to specifically know as to what kind of nose fillers you really want to go through. This can help in eliminating and creating a finer list of surgeons that can perform your surgical procedure since finding the best plastic surgeon would depend on the kind of surgery that you need.

2. Create a list of local plastic surgeons in Singapore. You can easily look for the surgeon that you’re looking for by simply creating or compiling a list of the surgeons in your area in Singapore. You can use phonebooks, listings in the newspaper and the internet to look for the surgeon that you need. Looking into these listings usually state the field of expertise of the surgeon to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

3. Make inquiries about your prospective surgeon. If you have already found a prospective nose fillers surgeon for your procedure, it would be best to do some research about some information such as her educational background and experience in the field of doing plastic surgery. Also, ask questions about your surgeon’s medical school, residency and trainings since it is said that an overly-qualified surgeon must have completed either his plastic surgery residency or dedicated plastic surgery fellowship.


4. Check some internet forums. Most cities in Singapore actually have local blogs and forums which allows patients to talk about and share their experiences with some plastic surgeons and aesthetic clinic. You can use the information that you will get in these sites to make a decision whether or not your prospective surgeon like is qualified to perform your surgical procedure. Aside from that, the information found in the forums can also be a good source to provide you the information that you need regarding his field of expertise.

5. Ask for a friend’s recommendation. One good way to determine if the nose fillers surgeon is qualified enough in performing the procedure is by asking other people like your friends or acquaintances that have undergone the same procedure as yours. Clinics like Astique the nose fillers expert in Singapore are well known for certain procedures. By doing this, you can also get insights about their experience with certain surgeons.

6. Check on the surgeon’s availability and schedule. Plastic surgeons that are really good are said to have their schedules already filled a couple of months in advance. So, if you learn that your prospective surgeon can immediately see you after a few days of setting an appointment then you should already start to become cautious with the surgeon. It’s also not a good idea to go with a plastic surgeon that’s too busy to meet all of the needs of his patients. The most reasonable amount of time to wait to get an appointment with your chosen surgeon would be two months.

Looking for a really good surgeon would not be easy but with these ways to guide and help you, your search will definitely become a lot easier.


Unusual Ways to Beautify Your Teeth

Simple brushing and flossing are the most common ways to maintain the teeth. Also, using of toothpaste for the dentition is helpful but it is not enough and in fact, it may induce harm to our teeth. Because of that, many people find other ways to maintain the beauty of their teeth. Here are some odd ways that your dentist won’t tell you.


  • Using Xylitol: Xylitol is a natural substitute to sugar. Also, it protects our dentition by eliminating bacteria like Streptococcus and other germs that is inside the mouth. And what’s even better? It keeps our breath fresh and prevents plaques from multiplying.
  • Using charcoal: Sounds crazy, right? Charcoal is one thing that gets the stain and toxin from the teeth. Obviously, after using charcoal, our mouth will become black but it is not permanent. Making charcoal as a teeth whitener is better than having an expensive and dangerous teeth bleaching. Note: Do not use the regular charcoal that you are using for grilling. However, you can use the activated charcoal that is available in capsules.


  • Using coconut oil: We all know for a fact that we can get many benefits from coconut. One is coconut oil – coconut oil kills bacteria (particularly Candida which can cause gum swelling, tooth decay and more) in a natural way. Important reminder: Do not ingest the oil.
  • Vitamin D Intake: Sunlight is one source of vitamin D but it doesn’t mean that you are going to put yourself under the heat of the sun just to have a healthy teeth. Actually, there are many foods that have vitamin D like eggs, salmons, mushrooms and many more.


Health Screening with Medical Professionals

Everyone would seem to take health screening for granted for the reason that they feel very strong and they could still does up their daily activities into flawless manners. It is still not safe to just set aside executive health screening though you think you are perfect you shaped and health, as it can help you determine future health related issues. Keep in mind, prevention is better than cure.

Health screening packages in Singapore is a special health program making use of the high tech equipment that could help for preventing health complications and so, providing everybody with an ample of health benefits. The only reason of getting health screening is by giving men and women the chance of identifying if they are simply suffering from diseases and illnesses. It actually offers an early detection of health problems just like stroke, artificial fibrillation, diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis that could simply lead up to serious complications on the latter part of your life.

For you to avoid things up, you should consult medical professionals in Singapore and be one step ahead in regards to your health. At times, Singapore health screening packages would need medical professionals in order to tests the blood of the patient. For instance, a doctor in Singapore could test an individual’s blood and check for cholesterol. Actually, the body produces cholesterol naturally and it is somewhat found in different kinds of food. Having some cholesterol is actually normal and it is healthy for the body.

Having much of it could put up men and women at increased risk of having stroke or heart attack. Corporate health screening for blood is also used for detecting diabetes. Right after a person eats, a hormone known as the insulin would help the glucose or the blood sugar to get into the cells of your body, wherein where it is used for the energy. However, why is it? Well, the cost of getting health care these days are surging continuously and with the assistance of this program, they could simply save up lots of money, not to mention that it could help them prevent health problems.

Whenever a person has diabetes, he or she may not have enough of insulin to handle the count of glucose properly or that he or she could not have such hormone at all. Some people in Singapore who suffer from diabetes would have enough of insulin, yet their bodies would fail responding to it. Availing of health screening packages would let such people know about their illness and find the treatment for it early on. For men and women to determine if you have diabetes or not, you should see your health care provider regularly and have him or her draw your blood and test the levels of blood glucose within your body.

What to Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery?

At present, the frequently used means in order to treat vision problem is LASIK eye surgery. It is used in order to correct the vision and lessens the dependency on device like eyeglasses and contact lenses in Singapore. It as well as correct eyes refractive errors for instance nearsightedness or Myopia, farsightedness or Hyperopia and then astigmatism.

The Lasik surgery is observed to be fast and less pain. However, thought it offer this kind operation, it is vital that patient should be informed about the things to expect after the Lasik operation. Though there are many statements that tell after 24 hours patient could easily return to their normal daily routines. Well, this situation does not happen always. It is because after 24 hours there are itching and burning sensations within the eyes. Furthermore, there are also cases where in pain is felt, hence taking pain killers is required. Watery eye could also be experience as well as hazy and blurry vision. However, it is essential that no matter what kinds of sensation felt, rubbing of the eyes should be avoided.

In addition, after LASIK eye surgery procedure, the eye became sensitive to live. Patients have huge possibility of seeing starburst, haloes and ghosts. However, these objects are only seen just few days after the procedure. After several days it will just disappear. In case after few days, the objects do not disappear, it is vital to contact the surgeon. On the other hand, once dry eyes are experience, steroids, antibiotics and other medicines might be essential to take. Furthermore, it is also vital to utilize protective shields in order to keep away thing from entering the eyes. Right after the Singapore LASIK procedure, fluctuating vision might be observed. This is normal to experience during the time of recovery but it will just subside once the eyes heal after several days or weeks. However, there are cases that these kinds of changes are experience for about few months after the operation.

Individual who are nearsighted and went through LASIK eye surgery usually get the correction after 24 hours. However, those who are aging late 30’s frequently experience difficulty in reading during the first days after the surgery. Hence, it is suggested that patient’s aging late 30’smust purchase reading glasses that are sold over the counter to temporarily aid in seeing up close. The wearing of reading glasses has no effect on how the eyes recovered after the surgery. Patients aging 40 years who have presbyopia are prescribe after the surgery with reading glasses to be used between one until 3 months during the recovery period. The employment of the glasses will depend on the stabilization of the vision.

Patients in Singapore who are farsighted instantaneously improve the vision the following day after the operation. However, the objects in distance appear to be blurred. So, the recovery from the surgery to treat farsightedness is different compare to the recovery of those individual who are nearsightedness.

It is vital that after the LASIK surgery, postoperative care should be done with the surgeon. Even if the vision is clear and the eyes are already fine, it is essential not to assume that the eyes completely recovered from the operation. In this regard, it is vital that the surgeon will be the one who will say that the eyes are fully recovered. The regular visiting with the surgeon after the operation will ensure that there are no complications or infection acquired after the operation. The operation does not guarantee hundred percent good results. Therefore, in order to make sure that the operation is successful, constant visit with the surgeon should be observed.

LASIK Eye Surgery – How to Find a Good Doctor

Vision is one of the most important assets. Many Singapore people are wondering if having LASIK eye surgery is the best method for them. Well, with regards to this one, a LASIK surgeon is the only one who could determine if the operation in Singapore is right to a certain person. Hence, in order to ensure about the decision of having LASIK eye surgery, it is vital to have the best doctor. In connection with this, below are the important factors to consider in finding a good LASIK surgeon.

• License – it is vital that the Singapore lasik surgeon has license. About the credential of the doctor it could be verify through National Practitioner Data Bank.

• Board Certification – the Singapore eye surgeon practicing Lasik Singapore must have certification that tells that they could practice medicine. The certification must be recognized by the country’s agency for medical specialties. With the surgery, the country’s board for ophthalmology is the one the gives certification. They are also the one that conducts training and give learning to those who are qualified to practice loyalty.

• ACS membership – the Singapore membership will ensure that the surgeon is knowledgeable about the ethics in the lasik work. It is necessary that the membership be certified by the board.

How to find them?

• Advertisements – there are so many LASIK Singapore surgeons who are advertise in magazines, TV, internet portals like medical sg, radio and newspapers. Some of the ads are informative some are not. There are some the offers great cost some do not. But, patient must be guided that cost should not be the chief factor in finding a good LASIK surgeon.

• Referrals – ask suggestions from the Singapore eye practitioner about the best LASIK surgeon present in the place. Make sure that the lasik practitioner you ask is reputable one to ensure that you also have a reputable surgeon.