The Best Candy Stores in Singapore for Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

Who ever said candies are only for kids? Even adults have their sweet tooth cravings every once in a while. Besides, more and more candy stores from various places across the globe have found their way here in Singapore. With that, we now have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to satisfying our taste buds’ guilty pleasure.

Treating yourself to these sweet goodies isn’t bad at all — if consumed in moderation, that is. Learn to say yes to your cravings often, and forget about all your woes for a moment. Give yourself that sugar rush you deserve after all the hard work you’ve done!

M&M’s World
The first M&M’s concept store in Singapore opened at Changi airport in 2012. Since then, the store catered the soft chocolate cravings of customers. They also offer other items beside chocolates such as toy candy dispensers, exclusive souvenirs, and other accessories. The store’s lounge also has interactive, fun activities suited for both kids and the young at heart.

If the name isn’t enough to give you a general impression of this store, Candylicious lives up to its portmanteau of words (candy and delicious) by offering about 5,000 different kinds of chocolates and candies. This store is perfect for your sweet tooth cravings. Best-selling candy choices include gummies shaped like cola bottles, peach rings, and gummy bears.

The Cocoa Trees
The cocoa trees is the dream store suited for your chocolate cravings. The place has diverse choices of chocolate brands from across the world like Toblerone, Swiss Delice, and The Belgian among the many other brands you may choose from. The store has a number of branches all over Singapore, with most of them found inside Changi Airport for your convenience.

Au Chocolat
Another chocolate store, Au Chocolat is a French-inspired candy store which is a delight to many chocoholics. They offer rich sugar treats such as sherbet bombs and cream toffees. The thing about this store is that, you may also marvel at the process behind how they come up with their sweet treats! Think of it as satisfying not only your cravings but also your curiosity, as you can watch the making of their chocolate creations through a glass window.

Candy Empire
You don’t have to stray far away from home if you want a taste of sweet treats other countries offer. Candy Empire is a store found in Singapore which offers myriad treats imported from various places all over the world. You can choose to your heart’s content — from chocolates, jams, candies, and other snacks coming all the way from the US, Europe, and Australia.

Film Camera Shops in Singapore

Most people would throw this question straight at your face once you mention film cameras, “Why not go digital?” Well, they just don’t get it at all! There’s a certain art from capturing a scene on film compared to snapping a picture through the camera installed on your phone. For those into arts and who enjoy cameras, you get the picture. Film stores are pretty hard to come upon nowadays since everyone is into digital filming instead of the old-school classic film cameras.

Film cameras have also started to come back because of the Instagram thread with the hashtag, #filmisnotdead. What can we do? Things are starting to turn around. People are starting to appreciate the amazing art behind film photography and the good thing about Singapore is that there are a few film shops that still respect and have been supporting film photography through thick and thin!

1. Lomography Gallery Store
Lomography is actually one of the most massive film camera companies in the world! For over 15 years, this company has been able to expand and branch out throughout countries like Europe and Asia and of course, Singapore. The great thing about this store is they display artwork that will make you fall in love film photography even more! It’s located at 295 South Bridge Road.

2. Black Market Camera
Okay fine, you probably know about this store already. It is one of the most popular places in the camera scene because it is known to be the country’s first actual lifestyle and photography store! Ranging all the way from cameras to straps to all kinds of photography equipment, this store does not let film photography get out of its sight. Find your film camera goodies at this popular store located at 3 Coleman St. at the Peninsula Shopping Centre.

3. The Camera Workshop
Ah yes, looking for those goodies nobody else has? Well, check out the camera workshop! Having an amazing selection of cameras you wouldn’t even know are still alive! Get those vintage goggles going and feast your eyes on their amazing collection of cameras that do not even exist anymore! It is also located at 3 Coleman St. at the Peninsula Shopping Centre.

There’s a certain art behind capturing beauty through the eyes of old film. Maybe you’ve never really tried to get behind the lens of an old film camera. Well, the experience is very different from a digital camera and there are a lot of photographers who prefer film camera rather than digital ones. There are so many things to do in Singapore, check out these shops today!

The EONIQ Experience


You love mechanical watches. You dream of a customized one but it is kind of expensive. The good news is that there are affordable but quality custom mechanical watches that you can consider. Ever heard of EONIQ? EONIQ prides in creating beautiful customizable timepieces that can give life to your stories.


EONIQ uses quality components like the Citizen movements as well as sapphire crystals to craft  and assemble the most unique watch in the world. With the components, the watches are brought together by hand in Hong Kong. Here are some things that you need to know about EONIQ:

Where to order?

You have the power to design your watch online. You do not need to be physically present in Hong Kong just to order it. You just need to visit EONIQ’s website and go to their watch design application. Designing is not that difficult. In fact, children from 10 years old can easily navigate through the application. There, you will see templates. You should first select watch parts then pick your design, upload it and put your name on it.

How long does it take to build it?

Every watch is handmade. This means that a single watchmaker devotes his/her time for the completion of that unique timepiece. If you think that you can get it right away, think twice. Time pieces like these will take time. EONIQ needs five weeks to assemble and complete the watch.silver_case

What are the sizes of the watches?

The size of the watch will depend on the series. For example, the “Pinot Noir” series are 38mm and 42. The 38mm is preferably for ladies. Another is the “Merlot” series with only 41mm available.

Can it be used when swimming?

The good news is that most of the watches feature 3ATM water resistance. This means that the watches are rain or splash resistant however if you use it for water sports, it will be destroyed. Remember that these watches are not designed to withstand shock during exercise or water activities so it is better to take it off.

Are mechanical watches accurate?

Watches used have different machinery and movement.  The accuracy depends on that. There are different levels of accuracy for the series. For instance, the “Pinot Noir” is not more than forty seconds accurate per day. As for the “Merlot” series, it is not more than forty five seconds accurate per day.

Upon knowing that there are affordable but quality custom mechanical watches, Singaporeans were elated. This can be your watch or the watch of your loved ones. For more details, you can visit EONIQ’s website.       eoniq7

How to Pick a Driving Lessons Institution in Singapore


Learning how to drive is exciting, but taking driving lessons Singapore based is a lot more fun. Also, learning from a driving school Singapore that has the best experiences in teaching and in driving will be a lot more helpful in your learning process.  However, with the number of driving schools that have come up now, choosing one that will help you earn that license is easy but at the same time, confusing.  Easy, because there are so many options. You can simply visit a driving school, enroll, and start your lessons right away. Confusing because, it’s hard to pick which among these schools are the best.

Smiling female driver

If you are still confused as to what driving school to choose, this post is going to help you. In here, you’ll find out some of factors that you must consider in choosing an institution where you could get good and cheap driving lessons Singapore. This can help lessen the time in choosing as you can easily assess whether they can cater to your needs by looking for these things.

Lesson Schedule

Most people, especially those who are already working, don’t really have control over their own schedule. This is due to the fact that they mostly work from 9am to 6pm every day. If you’re part of this majority, surely, your free time doesn’t fall under the regular business hours.  Good thing there are driving lessons Singapore institutions that offer schedule fit for the lifestyle of working professionals.

Instructors’ Qualifications

Of course, you would want nothing but to learn from the best instructor around, right? By enrolling in a good driving school Singapore institution, you are one step closer to earning your driver’s license. Why? Because they have professionals who don’t just have the credentials to back up their competence, but also the passion to teach. The instructor should be patient enough to teach even the most difficult student while still keeping a smile on their face.


Car Type

When it comes to learning how to drive, you always have the option to study either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission car. There are three notable differences between the two. A manual transmission car has a clutch that is used to unlock the other gears in order for the car to run. A manual transmission also has a gear shift which allows the driver to manually shift gears themselves.

Lastly, in a manual transmission car, the driver does almost all the work in order for the car to run smoothly, while in an automatic transmission car, the driver need not exert a lot of effort. You, as the student, have the freedom to choose what type of car you want to learn driving. Rest assured, though, that whatever you choose, the driving school providing your cheap driving lessons Singapore has the right car for you.

Driving lessons Singapore institutions can help you become a professional driver and earn you a license in no time. Provided that you get the best training from the best institution, learning to drive would be an easy and fun experience to go through.


Featuring EllySage: Online Shopping Store in SG


Nowadays, a lot of people don’t have any time to go shopping-maybe it’s caused by their jam-packed work schedule or back to back events. That’s the reason why increasingly more individuals buy dresses online. In case you’re a woman who likes to shop but won’t get the time, Internet-based shopping will be your friend. Internet-based shopping has quite a lot to offer you; and in this article, you’ll get a few of the advantages it brings.


  1. It is more convenient

Whether you have regular or irregular working hours, buying on the Internet will likely be far more convenient for you. All it requires is to select a trusted online store just like Ellysage; explore their website, choose a dress, place your order and pay thru your desired mode of payment. It’s uncomplicated. With online purchasing, you don’t need to go out and keep up with the people.

Additionally, you do not have to wait in line only to pay for your order. With only a few clicks, you could buy dresses online without the need of departing the convenience of your own house. Online shops also mostly provide different types of outfits; thus, you won’t need to jump from one store to another only to find what you’re seeking. Additionally, if you have any spare time, you can use it to bond with your relatives and buddies compared to braving the sea of crowd at the shopping mall.

  1. It offers better selling prices and rate comparison is quicker to do


Internet-based stores just like Ellysage are offering several kinds of dresses at a lesser cost. This might be basically because they do not need to lease a shop and pay different bills merely to showcase their collection. With Internet shopping, you could also simply assess the prices of the several products. You do not need strolling “back and forth” or carry them all in your hands, as what you do in actual shops, just so you could assess its costs and find out what type fits your budget. If you search an online store, you can just click at an item, open a different tab for another, and contrast their costs effortlessly.

  1. It offers a lot more of variety

Actual outlets often have only some styles of clothes. This may be because of their limited space or room or they do not have that much to provide. With online buying stores, conversely, they can include a wider selection of clothes because they do not need to be limited to the space of their store and the like. It is also simpler to find out if the item has already been sold-out. With physical retailers, they still need to check their inventory and stocks which will take a while.

The market demand for online shopping is very high nowadays and it’s really reasonable why. Shopping, at Internet-based shops presents numerous advantages that shopping at physical shops can’t offer. Simply be reminded, nevertheless, that when intending to buy dresses online, be sure that the shop you are going to buy from is a dependable one, such as Ellysage. Make sure to check their track record well just before trusting them.


Top 5 Drugstore BB Creams


Not all of us have the luxury of buying expert recommended beauty products, especially if they are expensive. This is why we feel relieved when we come across double duty products that can do different things for our skin.

Several years ago, beauty balms or simply called BB creams started making waves in the beauty industry. It first became a huge sensation in South Korea and then became popular in Asia.

Asian women said they prefer using BB creams because it shortens a long beauty regimen. Usually, the typical woman applies about four to five products on her face however, ever since BB creams started becoming a trend, women find it convenient to be able to apply only one product and then they’re good to go.maxresdefault

BB creams claim to do the job of the moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, concealer and foundation.

The BB cream trend reached the Western countries in 2011 and now, almost every prominent beauty company have their own BB cream formulation. Drugstore and high-end beauty brands alike have both jumped on the BB cream bandwagon.

We’ll be exploring drugstore BB cream brands that have delivered such good results despite their affordable price tags.

  1. Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

This BB cream brand claims to even out the user’s skin tone without the greasy feel. It also helps moisturize and brighten the complexion, with an added sun protection of SPF 15.

According to Garnier fans, this BB cream is easy to blend and slides on very smoothly when applied. The subtle sheen of the BB cream makes their skin look radiant and glowing. The medium coverage of the BB cream covers even dark under eye circles. With a number of positive effects, there’s no wonder this product is highly in demand for makeup fanatics.

  1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This oil-free BB cream brand claims to blur imperfections, smoothen and hydrate the skin and give optimum sun protection. Despite these beauty claims, the makeup coverage is only sheer so it’s only for people who do not need to hide a lot of skin imperfections.Loreal-BB-Products

  1. Jart Dis-A-Pore BB Cream

As the witty brand name suggest, this product claims to conceal the unpleasant sight of big pores, giving your overall makeup look a seamless finish. Furthermore, the Dis-A-Pore BB cream has a high sun protection level of SPF 30.

  1. Bobbi Brown BB Cream

The raves about Bobbie Brown’s BB cream seem to center around the fact that it gives a wonderful matte finish. This is perfect for women who have severe oily skin and for those who simply want a shine-free look. It is available in nine shades, which ranges from extra-light to deep.

  1. L’oreal Youth Code BB Cream

Packed with vitamin B3 to make skin glow, the Youth Code BB cream promotes gentle and natural exfoliation of the skin. It has light-reflecting particles that makes skin look radiant and healthy. It also provides a broad-spectrum of sun protection.

Youth Code users note that this BB cream is actually very moisturizing, which is not entirely true for all BB creams. Using this BB cream will most likely help even out dark spots found on the cheek area.IMG_6875-1024x682

The Best Local Food Stalls in Singapore  


Despite its size, Singapore is a city large in food variety with numerous restaurants and food stalls to choose from. Singapore’s food variety is largely attributable to it being one of the melting pots of Asia with plenty of cultures mingling due to it being the busiest port in the world. For anyone looking to go on a food trip, Singapore is an excellent place to do so. However, a constraint to most trips is usually the budget. Adding the fact that Singapore is also an expensive city to live in makes it more difficult to binge for those who are on a budget. So, instead of listing down the best restaurants in Singapore, we’ve listed down the best food stalls because they tend to be a lot less expensive than restaurants.


Fu Ming Shu Shi (Redhill Lane Food Centre)

The best dish to eat here is the Singaporean version of a carrot cake or chai tow kueh. However, it isn’t actually made out of carrots nor is it a cake. It is actually made out of radish and is considered to be dimsum. They have two varieties in Fu Ming Shu Shi. The black variety is fried with thick soy sauce until caramelized while the white variety uses lighter soy sauce. Both varieties are fried with plenty of garlic and with scrambled eggs. The food here is typically under S$6, which makes it a bang for the buck.

Heng Heng (107 Owen Road)

This stall specializes in what the Singaporeans and the Malaysians call bak kut teh. Bah kut teh is meat bone tea in English. Despite the name, there is actually no tea in the dish. They only call it such because it is traditionally served with oolong tea, which is believed to dissolve the large amount of fat in bah kut teh. Heng Heng can serve you the dish for an amount less than S$5.

untitled406Xiu Ji (335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex Market)

You have to eat the yong tau fu in Xiu Ji. Yong tau fu is a dish consisting mainly of tofu that is stuffed with meat and served with vegetables. Xiu Ji can also serve it with fish balls and fish cake. Their version is served with noodles and a ginger dipping sauce all for a price under S$7.

Loo’s (71 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru)

Hainanese curry rice is often considered as one of Singapore’s national dishes and one of the best and cheapest places to get it is in Loo’s. Loo’s serves their version with octopus, braised pork, and fried eggs among others all for a price less than S$5. The thick and sticky curry sauce on top of the dish makes it more flavorful a meal.


Semakau Landfill: Where are We?  


There are Singaporeans who care about the waste disposal situation here. For these people, perhaps they will be relieved to know that the second phase of the development of Semakau Landfill has been accomplished. This is according to the Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA).


The landfill’s second phase of development offers an additional capacity of sixteen million cubic metres (this is equivalent to more or less six thousand Olympic-size pools). This is said to be enough to meet the waste disposal needs of the country up to 2035 and possibly beyond.

The second phase converted the remaining 157 hectare of sea space into a landfill. The project boasts of lower overall construction cost because of minimizing the amount of sand used. It does not end there because there will be two engineering features that can help the efficacy of waste disposal.


The first feature is the construction of a floating platform (about 200 metre). This platform will permit dump trucks to release burning ash unto the landfill ell. The other feature is the floating wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant will meet the standards set by the Trade Effluent Discharge. It is crucial that the water will undergo treatment before it is discharged into the sea.

The second phase was spearheaded because the first phase of the landfill is expected to be fully occupied by year 2016. NEA did not allow the rich ecosystem and biodiversity of Semakau Island to be destroyed thus the transferring and transplanting of coral colonies to Sisters’ Island.

Now that we know where we are when it comes to Semakau Landfill, the least that we can do is to be conscious of our waste disposals and help protect our rich biodiversity.


Security Measures for SingPass  


Even for a developed country like Singapore, we do not know for sure if our identification is secured. In the recent days, a number of users have received emails titled “SingPass account security info verification”. According to SingPass, this is a phishing email. If it is received, one should not click on the link and simply delete it right away.


This incident paved way for SingPass to improve and enhance their features further. Actually, SingPass through Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore announced that the improved features were launched on July 5, 2015.

To date, SingPass serves more than sixty four government agencies. The users of SingPass are then allowed to access more than two hundred e-services which necessitate secure user identification. In 2013, SingPass transactions went up to fifty seven million. With this number of transactions, it is only fitting that the security measures for SingPass are improved.image008

The new security measure talks about two-factor authentication system otherwise known as 2FA. This system allows users to access crucial e-government transactions that comprise sensitive data. This is how it works: the administrator will send one-time password in addition to the log in process (that involves our SingPass ID and password).

The one-time password will be sent via our SMS. After receiving the one-time password, users will need to register for the new 2FA by logging to the SingPass website. For now, this is voluntary but come next year, it will be mandatory. Other improvements include customizing SingPass ID and resetting the passwords immediately through mobile phones.

Cheers to safer and more secure days!Emak-Singpass-040714e

How to Locate a Good Plastic Surgeon in Singapore

It’s certain that most of us would want to find a well-qualified surgeon to perform our surgical procedure. However, it is not that easy to look for a surgeon that would fit all our qualifications. So to help you with your search, here are some ways that you can do so that you can already start looking in some aesthetic clinic for the best plastic surgeon in Singapore:

Kaiser_Permanente_ Plastic_Surgery_tcm28-574323

1. Identify the procedure that you want to undergo to. One good way to search for the best surgeon for your procedure is to specifically know as to what kind of nose fillers you really want to go through. This can help in eliminating and creating a finer list of surgeons that can perform your surgical procedure since finding the best plastic surgeon would depend on the kind of surgery that you need.

2. Create a list of local plastic surgeons in Singapore. You can easily look for the surgeon that you’re looking for by simply creating or compiling a list of the surgeons in your area in Singapore. You can use phonebooks, listings in the newspaper and the internet to look for the surgeon that you need. Looking into these listings usually state the field of expertise of the surgeon to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

3. Make inquiries about your prospective surgeon. If you have already found a prospective nose fillers surgeon for your procedure, it would be best to do some research about some information such as her educational background and experience in the field of doing plastic surgery. Also, ask questions about your surgeon’s medical school, residency and trainings since it is said that an overly-qualified surgeon must have completed either his plastic surgery residency or dedicated plastic surgery fellowship.


4. Check some internet forums. Most cities in Singapore actually have local blogs and forums which allows patients to talk about and share their experiences with some plastic surgeons and aesthetic clinic. You can use the information that you will get in these sites to make a decision whether or not your prospective surgeon like is qualified to perform your surgical procedure. Aside from that, the information found in the forums can also be a good source to provide you the information that you need regarding his field of expertise.

5. Ask for a friend’s recommendation. One good way to determine if the nose fillers surgeon is qualified enough in performing the procedure is by asking other people like your friends or acquaintances that have undergone the same procedure as yours. Clinics like Astique the nose fillers expert in Singapore are well known for certain procedures. By doing this, you can also get insights about their experience with certain surgeons.

6. Check on the surgeon’s availability and schedule. Plastic surgeons that are really good are said to have their schedules already filled a couple of months in advance. So, if you learn that your prospective surgeon can immediately see you after a few days of setting an appointment then you should already start to become cautious with the surgeon. It’s also not a good idea to go with a plastic surgeon that’s too busy to meet all of the needs of his patients. The most reasonable amount of time to wait to get an appointment with your chosen surgeon would be two months.

Looking for a really good surgeon would not be easy but with these ways to guide and help you, your search will definitely become a lot easier.


Choosing a Good Property Management Company

Real estate management isn’t an easy task to do, especially if you’re not experienced enough in handling the things that has something to do with managing real estate properties. This is the time where you’ll need the help of property management companies in supervising your property. But how do you find a good property management company in Singapore?
To help you with that, here are some tips that can serve as your guide if you’re looking for a good property management company to manage your real estate business:


1. Ask for recommendations. In searching for a good company to manage your business, go for those who are highly recommended by their customers. If you happen to know a landlord, try asking him or her about the company that helped them as a managing agent of their property. Take note of the remarks that the landlord gives you; if you noticed any great remarks about the company then you might already have found your potential property management company.

In case you don’t know any landlords in your area, you can go to company that you are eyeing and ask them for references of the customers that they worked with. Ask them to provide you with at least 2-3 recommendations of landlords.

2. Check the company’s customer service. Before choosing a property management company that will supervise your property, first try checking out the kind of service that they can possibly offer to you. You can do this by reading websites that have comprehensive estate info for property management in Singapore like estateinfo or testing them through inquiring about the kind of business that they do and see if they can respond to your inquiries in a acceptable period of time. A good property management company would immediately respond within the 24 hours of your inquiry but if they failed to do so, then they might not be worth spending your time and money with.

property management-openpalm-000001798457XSmall

3. Evaluate the business process that they use. One benefit that you will get when you use a property management company to supervise your real estate business is their capability to generate high quality renters. As a managing agent, you should check how your chosen company executes the processes used in a rental property such as the rental collection procedure and their maintenance process. If you notice that the company provides inconsistent service then it may become difficult for you to receive high quality results and services too.

4. Know the history of the company. One important thing to note of the Singapore company that you’re planning to work with would be their history. Go with companies that have been in their field of business for quite some time already since they tend to have a better understanding about renters due to their experiences. Going with companies that have really good recommendations is also a good choice to help you manage your assets.

You need to be critical when it comes to choosing property management companies to go with since you are going to give them the authority to manage and develop your property. Going by the tips listed above to find your ideal company can be a good idea but it would be better if you also set up your own standards since you’re the only one who knows what would be best for you and your business.


Things You Need to Know about Thaipusam

Singapore already celebrated Thaipusam last February 2, 2015. It was hard not to notice the celebration because there are roads and lanes closed for the said event. In fact, many people celebrated Thaipusam but there are others who are not familiar about it. It is crucial that we know the importance of Thaipusam because it is part of our culture and tradition.


Thaipusam is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus. It is usually celebrated by Tamils during the full moon of Tamil month (usually January or February). Aside from Singapore, Thaipusam is also celebrated by other countries where there is a strong presence of Tamil community like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Mauritius.

Here are other facts that you need to know about Thaipusam:

  • Origin of the name: The word Thaipusam is the combination of two names – Thai and Pusam. Thai is the name of the month and Pusam is the name of the star. This star is particularly at its highest during the festival.
  • Commemoration: Thaipusam is here for reason. It is not just a festival to celebrate good things. It commemorates Murugan’s conquering the demon Soorapadman. Murugan defeated Soorapadman with the help of Parvati’s “vel” or spear. Other people think that Thaipusam is the celebration of Murugan’s birthday.
  • Preparations: Forty eight hours before the Thaipusam celebration, the devotees will cleanse themselves through fasting and prayer. The festival also entails Kavadi – a physical burden. Kavadi may come in different forms. In its simplest form, Kavadi may be a form of carrying a pot of milk.


In its extreme form, a devotee can choose to mortify the flesh like piercing the tongue, skin, cheeks and other body parts. The Kavadi bearers only eat Satvik food and observe celibacy. On the day of the celebration, devotees need to shave heads and walk along a route to engage in different acts of devotion.

  • Celebration in Singapore: Here, devotees start the procession at Sri Srivinasa Perumal Temple early. The devotees carry milk pots and Kavadis pierced in their bodies. The devotee should endure four kilometres of procession.

The procession will finish at Sri Thendayuthapani Temple in Tank Road. A day before the Thaipusam, devotees should carry Lord Sri Thendayuthapani in a procession to Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple. This is called Chetty Pussam.

Now we know more about this celebration. This also means that we understand it deeper. So, next year when we come across the procession, we know its significance and revere it.


Vehicles in Singapore to Adopt Euro Emission Standards

Singapore’s NEA (National Environment Agency) will have an initiative come September 2017. The initiative concerns Singaporeans who drive petrol vehicles. Let it be known that vehicles here will follow strict Euro VI emission standards. NEA stressed the importance of the emission standards in the improvement of air quality here.


The standards will significantly reduce the emission of detrimental NOx (Nitric Oxide and Nitgrogen Dioxide) and other fine particulates. At present, the city-state is following the Euro IV standards which were implemented in 2006. Apart from Euro VI, NEA will also accept cars that meet Japanese emission standards. After the declaration of the new standards, NEA also announced Singapore’s pledge to decrease carbon emissions in 2020 by 11 percent below Business-as-usual levels.

What is with this Euro emission standard? For starters, you must know that Euro emission standards comprise of different stages and legal framework. The stages are referred as Euro 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The roman numerals are representations of heavy duty vehicles standards. You also need to know other emission standards. Here are some ideas:


  • Emission standards for passenger cars: For petrol cars, under Euro 1, the emission standard of CO (Carbon Monoxide) is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC + NOx (Hydrocarbon + Nitrogen Oxides). For Euro 2, the standard of CO is only 2.2 and 0.97 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard for CO is 2.3, 0.20 for THC (Hydrocarbon) and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC and 0.08 for NOx. For Euro 5, the emission standard of CO is 0.50, 0.10 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC (Non-methane Hydrocarbons), 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM (Atmospheric Particulate Matter). For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.
  • Emission standards for light commercial vehicles: Light vehicles that are use petrol also has sets of emission standards. For Euro 1, the emission standard of CO is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC+NOx. For Euro 2, the emission standard of CO is 2.2 and 0.5 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard is 2.3, 0.20 for THC and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 5, the emission standard of COis 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.

The implementation of these standards will undoubtedly benefit the whole city-state.


Singapore: Jobs for Journalism Graduates

There are many challenging opportunities an individual can get after completing course in journalism. Most of the jobs are in the field of writing. However, they can be newscasters, radio announcers and advertising specialist. They can also be proofreaders, reporter and more. Here are some organizations that you might belong once you have finished a degree or at least earn subjects in Journalism:


  • Newspaper agencies – Here, your primary task is to write articles which are related to entertainment, sports, agriculture, foreign and local news, technologies and many more. You may also become an editor-in-chief, copy reader and reporter in this organization.
  • Magazine Companies – Your job here will be the same as a worker on newspaper agencies. However, your main work here is to research deeply to produce factual feature stories.


    • Business Press – Normally, you can see here business articles and is a little bit complicated. On the other hand, aside from being a business in this particular firm, you can also be a researcher and a staff for promotions.
    • Advertising agencies- Here, you can be public relations personnel. Also, you can lead promotion projects and account executives.
    • Radio and TV networks – Today, there is really a big need for writers in these organizations. These include gags or comedy writers, jingle writers, scriptwriters for radio drama and TV series. Aside from being writer, they can also be a researcher and editor for a particular sitcom or TV series.academics1


Top International Meeting Countries

It is not every day that international meetings happen in a specific country. Here in Singapore, holding international meetings is not new. In fact, the Singapore Tourism happily revealed that for seven consecutive years, the city is considered to be the Top International Meeting City. As if it is not enough, Singapore is also considered as the Top International Meeting Country for three consecutive years.


What does this tell us? This tells us that Singapore passed the criteria stipulated by Union of International Associations (UIA). One of the criteria is that meetings should be supported by international organizations. For your information, UIA is mandated by the United Nations. Headquarter is in Brussels, Belgium. It was founded by Henri La Fontaine (a Nobel Peace Prize laureate) and Paul Otlet.

If you want to know other countries that are included in UIA’s 2012 list of Top International meeting countries, you can refer to the list provided below:


  • Japan: In Japan, there were about seven hundred thirty one international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Japan’s percentage of all meetings is 7.3%.
  • USA: In USA, there were about six hundred fifty eight international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. USA’s percentage of all meetings is 6.6%.
  • Belgium: In Belgium, there were about five hundred ninety seven international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Belgium’s percentage of all meetings is 6%.
  • Republic of Korea: In Korea, there were about five hundred sixty three international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Korea’s percentage of all meetings is 5.6%.
  • France: In France, there were about four hundred ninety four international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. France’s percentage of all meetings is 4.9%.
  • Austria:  In Austria, there were about four hundred fifty eight international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Austria’s percentage of all meetings is 4.6%.
  • Spain: In Spain, there were about four hundred forty nine international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Spain’s percentage of all meetings is 4.5%.
  • Germany: In Germany, there were about three hundred seventy three international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Germany’s percentage of all meetings is 3.7%.
  • Australia: In Australia, there were about two hundred eighty seven international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Australia’s percentage of all meetings is 2.9%.

Singapore is the trusted venue for international meetings. In Singapore, there were nine hundred fifty two international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. The country’s percentage of all meetings is 9.5%. We should keep it that way and continue to be number one for the years to come.