How to Pick a Driving Lessons Institution in Singapore


Learning how to drive is exciting, but taking driving lessons Singapore based is a lot more fun. Also, learning from a driving school Singapore that has the best experiences in teaching and in driving will be a lot more helpful in your learning process.  However, with the number of driving schools that have come up now, choosing one that will help you earn that license is easy but at the same time, confusing.  Easy, because there are so many options. You can simply visit a driving school, enroll, and start your lessons right away. Confusing because, it’s hard to pick which among these schools are the best.

Smiling female driver

If you are still confused as to what driving school to choose, this post is going to help you. In here, you’ll find out some of factors that you must consider in choosing an institution where you could get good and cheap driving lessons Singapore. This can help lessen the time in choosing as you can easily assess whether they can cater to your needs by looking for these things.

Lesson Schedule

Most people, especially those who are already working, don’t really have control over their own schedule. This is due to the fact that they mostly work from 9am to 6pm every day. If you’re part of this majority, surely, your free time doesn’t fall under the regular business hours.  Good thing there are driving lessons Singapore institutions that offer schedule fit for the lifestyle of working professionals.

Instructors’ Qualifications

Of course, you would want nothing but to learn from the best instructor around, right? By enrolling in a good driving school Singapore institution, you are one step closer to earning your driver’s license. Why? Because they have professionals who don’t just have the credentials to back up their competence, but also the passion to teach. The instructor should be patient enough to teach even the most difficult student while still keeping a smile on their face.


Car Type

When it comes to learning how to drive, you always have the option to study either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission car. There are three notable differences between the two. A manual transmission car has a clutch that is used to unlock the other gears in order for the car to run. A manual transmission also has a gear shift which allows the driver to manually shift gears themselves.

Lastly, in a manual transmission car, the driver does almost all the work in order for the car to run smoothly, while in an automatic transmission car, the driver need not exert a lot of effort. You, as the student, have the freedom to choose what type of car you want to learn driving. Rest assured, though, that whatever you choose, the driving school providing your cheap driving lessons Singapore has the right car for you.

Driving lessons Singapore institutions can help you become a professional driver and earn you a license in no time. Provided that you get the best training from the best institution, learning to drive would be an easy and fun experience to go through.


Vehicles in Singapore to Adopt Euro Emission Standards

Singapore’s NEA (National Environment Agency) will have an initiative come September 2017. The initiative concerns Singaporeans who drive petrol vehicles. Let it be known that vehicles here will follow strict Euro VI emission standards. NEA stressed the importance of the emission standards in the improvement of air quality here.


The standards will significantly reduce the emission of detrimental NOx (Nitric Oxide and Nitgrogen Dioxide) and other fine particulates. At present, the city-state is following the Euro IV standards which were implemented in 2006. Apart from Euro VI, NEA will also accept cars that meet Japanese emission standards. After the declaration of the new standards, NEA also announced Singapore’s pledge to decrease carbon emissions in 2020 by 11 percent below Business-as-usual levels.

What is with this Euro emission standard? For starters, you must know that Euro emission standards comprise of different stages and legal framework. The stages are referred as Euro 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The roman numerals are representations of heavy duty vehicles standards. You also need to know other emission standards. Here are some ideas:


  • Emission standards for passenger cars: For petrol cars, under Euro 1, the emission standard of CO (Carbon Monoxide) is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC + NOx (Hydrocarbon + Nitrogen Oxides). For Euro 2, the standard of CO is only 2.2 and 0.97 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard for CO is 2.3, 0.20 for THC (Hydrocarbon) and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC and 0.08 for NOx. For Euro 5, the emission standard of CO is 0.50, 0.10 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC (Non-methane Hydrocarbons), 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM (Atmospheric Particulate Matter). For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.
  • Emission standards for light commercial vehicles: Light vehicles that are use petrol also has sets of emission standards. For Euro 1, the emission standard of CO is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC+NOx. For Euro 2, the emission standard of CO is 2.2 and 0.5 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard is 2.3, 0.20 for THC and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 5, the emission standard of COis 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.

The implementation of these standards will undoubtedly benefit the whole city-state.


Presenting Mercedes-Benz S- Class

When you hear luxury cars equipped with advance technology, limousines come to mind first. Indeed limousines are the epitome of luxury, comfort and advance technology. Riding this kind of car will be a memorable experience let alone owning it. But if limousines are not your type, you do not need to scour the market because you can find the luxury, comfort and advance technology in the new Mercedes- Benz S-Class.     Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec ( W222) 2012

The new Mercedes-Benz will earn your respect. It is special because of the following things:


The length and the wheelbase remain the same. Do not worry because the legroom is also the same with its predecessors. The change concentrates on the suspension system and the shell of the body. The suspension system and the shell of the body have more aluminium.

Power Train

The new S-Class will be powered by a 4.7L V-8 twin turbo. The twin turbo offers 20horsepower with a sum of 449. If you are asking of the torque, do not worry because it stays at 516 pound feet. As for the transmission, there will only be a seven speed automatic.



The interior of the new S-Class is redefined. It has plush seats that feature well stitched leather and massaging setting. The panel for your HVAC controls are very soft that you are like playing the piano. The rear seats are equipped with pop-up tables. You will also see a perfume atomizer at your glove compartment.


The design of the new S-Class is rather imposing – in a good way. It presents intelligent creases and lines. The tail of the new S-Class gives it commanding shape. The doors and the front corner speaks of elegant design.

You will notice that Mercedes-Benz is the car for dominant and influential people. The new S-Class will surely awe other people. Its elegant design, powerful engine and its luxurious interior will be yours if you give it a chance.