Avoiding Mascara Mishaps  

Whether you’re combatting a rather serious spider lashes, or struggling with smudges, there’s a right solution for each of your mascara problem. Here are some tips from the seasoned Singapore makeup artists as to how you can deal with a common mascara problem to get picture-perfect lashes.

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

  1. Smudged Mascara

If you’re born with long lashes, then there’s no way for you to avoid cases of mascara smudges. But you can easily remove those annoying black blots from your eyelids and beneath your eyes. Professional Singapore makeup artists suggests waiting for the mascara smudges to completely dry out first, then take a dry wand and gently brush it to avoid ruining your eye shadow. For bottom smudges, lightly clean it up using a cotton swab. Also, use a waterproof under eye concealer to prevent instances of smudging.

  1. Mascara Clumps

This is something that we get to experience every now and then, but there’s actually a better way to deal with this situation that plucking those clumps out. As your lashes gets clumpy, clean your mascara wand using a paper towel and comb out the unwanted clumps with a clean wand. Don’t forget to remove any excess formula on the wand prior to application to avoid such problems to begin with.


  1. Spidery Eyelashes

Using an old mascara tube can be the culprit for getting spider lashes. Applying too many coats is another reason why you’re getting spidery eyelashes. Remember that in applying mascara, two coats would be the maximum. If you’ve got a spider lash, then freshen up your wand with drop of water and put it back in the tube. Your mascara formula is now thin enough to pick and fix your spidery lashes.

  1. Mascara Dots

Save yourself from the annoying mascara dots and marks over and under your eyes using a lash guard. Another tried-and-tested method is to dust a little black eye shadow on your lashes after putting on your mascara. This will absorb the moisture of from the fresh coats of your mascara, preventing any mascara blots.

By simply following these quick fixes, getting those lavish lashes can now be done easily and you won’t need to worry on throwing your tube away even if it’s still halfway empty.mascara-2

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