6 Steps to Finding the Right Reception Venue

 When it comes to wedding reception planning, the venue is the most important part of the puzzle. This is the first major decision you have to make in the Singapore planning procedure. Once you have decided your wedding reception location, everything else will follow. To further help, here are the 6 basic steps to finding your reception venue.

1. Determine the Style and Theme of Your Wedding

Today’s weddings are more on creativity and personality, that’s why themed weddings are very much preferred by many nowadays. Consider your personal style and add the glam of your ceremony venue to your reception venue. Choose a venue that best reflects the style and theme of your wedding, or set up the place according to your wedding’s style.

2. The Geographic Location

Do you want to get married in your hometown? In the town with the perfect banquet for couples in Singapore where you’re currently living? How about in the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? With today’s modern and adventurous couples, the possibilities are endless. Make everything memorable by considering unique and unexpected places to be your wedding venue. Afterwards, reward your guests with breath-taking views from your reception venue matched with the locality’s delicacies to satisfy everybody’s palettes.

3. Estimate the Party Size

The space of your reception venue depends on the size of your party, so make sure to get a good estimation of the number of guests. Remember that no matter how lovely your venue can be, if you have 300 guests all crammed up in a 150-seated Singapore venue, you will surely turn a sophisticated and elegant wedding into a horde of irritated and mad guests. Make sure to check personally the place and inquire how many people it can accommodate in a seated setting.

4. Look for Sites

Search as many Singapore wedding reception venues that meet your standards as you can. Search through the internet or ask referrals from friends and family. Call different venues and ask for questions about reception party accommodations. Ask about the date availability, pricing structure, and the type of area that will be offered for your event. Take note of everything for comparisons after you have called a couple of potential venues.

5. Narrow Down The List

After getting all the information needed, sit down with your partner and compare all the information you have gathered from different venues.  Narrow it down to three and plan when to visit the location.

6. Visiting and Booking

Visit your top 3 Singapore venue choices and recheck all the information given to you over the phone. Also, don’t forget to ask again if the venue is available on your Singapore wedding date. Check the area where you would want the reception to take place and ask if they have packages and discounts to offer. If you think everything is set and you’re satisfied with all its amenities, don’t waste time and book the venue right there and then.

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