The Risks of Hiring a Budget Electrician

Electrical problems that can cause downtime on our appliances at home is never a fun time. Here in Singapore, we rely so much on electricity, so it is just understandable that you are looking for a quick electrician services in case of power problems. But before you go rushing to find a budge electrician in a hurry, hear some of our advices. Getting a cost-efficient professional is great, but be aware of the fine line between cost-efficient and downright cheap!

The Dangers of Unlicensed Electrician

Greatly discounted services are the trend right now. From accommodation, health care to household services, including electrician services, everything is offered for a fraction of a price. Major contracted services like HVAC systems and electrical works are seeing a huge surge of cheap and budget services.

Initially, it all looks okay—your electrical problems are solved and you are charged with less. Win-win situation, yeah? Unfortunately, no. There are, in fact, a lot of risks if you do not engage a wireman to setup lighting and entrust all your electrical repairs to unlicensed workers. Here are some of the most important things about their works you would want to know.

• Worsening the problem. The most hazardous of these risks is the botched job. Regardless how minor the electrical work is, if it is not handled by a licensed electrician, it can turn into a major disaster. With a budget electrician, you can’t be sure whether they have enough trainings and experiences to completely resolve the problem. With your intention to save a few dollars, you could inadvertently end up spending much more.

• Unguaranteed work. As mentioned, many cheap electricians in Singapore do not have licenses. Of course, this also means that their work is not insured, either. So, when something goes wrong with their work, they can get away with it without a hassle and you are stuck of the more expensive cost due to a botched job.

• Getting a temporary quick fix. For a budget electrician, time is money. Unfortunately, this means that they care about completing the job faster than ensuring the quality of work. As a result, you get a temporary fix to your problem. Once the temporary solution wears off, your electrical problem is back again in just a very short span of time.

Why Is Hiring Budget Electrician Risky?

Actually, what makes these kinds of technicians a sub-par choice is their lack of training. Just like any other technological devices, electrical works change rapidly, meaning a good electrician needs to undergo training every now and then to update their skills and knowledge. Budget electricians offer their services cheaply for a reason, so make sure you won’t get fooled by these reasons.

For any electrical problems you encounter, it is always the best solution to hire a licensed electrician in Singapore. Because even if, let’s say, they can’t completely fix the problem in the first try, you have the company’s insurance to back you up and get the persisting problem fixed for no additional cost.

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