The Clean and Green Campaign

The Prime Minister mentioned reviewing and strengthening the penalties against littering at the 2013 Clean and Green Campaign. PM Lee said that though there are only a small number of Singaporeans who litter, it should be not be overlooked because these small actions can spread and it could be contagious. In the meantime, a person caught littering would pay a fine of S$300.  

The Clean and Green Campaign is part of the bigger plan by the Government, the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint. The plan has many programmes (like reducing carbon emission and hawker friendly centres) that seeks to protect the environment. Reprimanding littering is a start.

Apart from this campaign, there is also a significant movement here in Singapore. The KSCM (Keep Singapore Clean Movement) is a national initiative that encourages all Singaporeans to shift from a “cleaned city” to a “totally clean city”. This movement is directed by the PHC (Public Hygiene Council), KSBM (Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement), SKM (Singapore Kindness Movement) and NEA (National Environment Agency).

The campaign seeks to bring awareness to all Singaporeans. Inculcating the importance of a clean environment is a long journey but it should be carried out. With the partnership of many agencies, Singapore will surely be a “totally clean city”.

Whether you are a citizen, PR or a tourist, you should do your best to support the campaign and other activities because it will benefit you at the end of the day. You can start by following segregation and throwing your garbage in the right place. That is not so hard, right? 

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