Skincare Tips to Follow as Early As Your 20s  

Being beautiful and young is awesome, but we know that good looks won’t last forever. Which is why it is crucial that we take good care of our skin as early as our 20s to keep it looking healthy even later on in life. Start taking proper care of your youthful, radiant skin, and maintaining its glow for the years to come using these tips.


  1. Get Good Sun Protection

If you’re aware of the facts of the common skincare myths, then you should also know that using sunscreen every day is extremely important. Incorporating beauty products in your regimen is now made easier as most moisturizers and day creams are already set in a broad spectrum protection. The next time you purchase a face cream in your favourite beauty shop in Singapore, grab the one that has SPF 30 in it.

  1. Monitor Your Diet

Sweets are really perfect comfort foods, but this is the time when you’d want to think twice first before indulging on these foods. There are a lot of healthy and delicious foods that you can eat as snacks, such as almonds and cashew nuts, and some fresh fruits. These foods will not just keep you full throughout the day, they’re also food both for your body and skin. Start maintaining a healthy lifestyle now, and ditch those weight-gaining sweets.

  1. Use Age-Appropriate Skincare Products

If you’re planning on using some good anti-aging products as early as now, then you’re on the right track. But it’s also important that you look for products that is appropriate for your age, as those made for mature skin contain a lot of active ingredients that’s still not needed by your skin. Use products that contain glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids to help you prevent acne and keep your skin healthy without being harsh.


  1. Have Enough Sleep

Anyone who’s telling you that you don’t to a normal eight-hour sleep is wrong. You might have more energy compared to older adults, but it’s quite easy to get caught up in such a busy lifestyle. And not getting enough sleep in that kind of lifestyle won’t just cause dark circles under your eyes but acne as well. Lack of sleep can cause your adrenal glands to be over-productive during the day, leading to more oil production, clogged pores, and finally, breakouts.

  1. Visit A Dermatologist

Regularly visiting your trusted Singapore dermatologist is also a good thing to do, especially if you have any skin concerns. They will closely look into your skin’s condition, and give you advices and product recommendations that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Taking care of your skin at an early age is a good way to keep it healthy and younger-looking as years go by. So follow these tips, and start maintaining your skin’s natural glow, since there’s no better time to take proper care of your skin than now.Sammons26

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