Reasons Why a Baby Keeps Crying

Infants cannot talk to you and tell you if they are in pain or are uncomfortable unlike older children. If you think your baby is crying for no reason despite having recently fed or finished changing the diapers, there might be other reasons this.


This is the most common cause for crying among babies, especially a newborn. Younger babies tend to go hungry more often than slightly older babies. That is because they have tiny tummies that will not hold enough food, so you might have to start nursing every two hours. You will know if the baby has enough if he/she stops feeding.

Wants Physical Contact

Some babies just want to be held. In fact, physical contact with babies is therapeutic for them and for you. If you are too tired to provide baby with enough stimulation, you can schedule activities days ahead with other parents and their babies. You can also visit the playground, park, and museum with your family.

Lacks Stimulation

Has baby had enough socialization for the day? Most infants have a hard time processing all the stimulation around them, so let him/her take a break sometimes. Newborns who are over-stimulated tend to want to be swaddled to feel comfortable and safe.


Maybe the baby does not want to be held and is tired. If they fuss at the slightest thing, then maybe the baby is tired and needs some sleep. Most babies get tired from over-stimulation, too, just like adults. You can either let baby lie down or rock her to sleep, so watch out for cues.

Feeling Cold or Hot

You can tell if your baby is cold or hot by touching the back of the neck or the tummy. Touching the feet or hands alone will not tell you if the baby is overdressed or is freezing. To be safe, always make sure the baby has at least two layers of clothing.

Needs to Burp

Although this is not mandatory after every feeding, it is safer to let baby burp to avoid discomfort. If baby keeps crying every time you feed him/her, then schedule a checkup with the pediatrician to determine if baby has stomach flu, reflux, lactose intolerance, allergy, or intestinal blockage.

Diaper Change

Have you checked his/her nappies recently? If you have just changed the diapers, maybe the baby does not like the texture of the material on the skin or it is irritated. Try looking for signs of a rash.

Colic or Stomach Problems

If the baby has been crying for hours, he/she may have colic. The cause for this is still unclear but it may be connected to the development of baby’s digestive system. Rule out possibilities of allergies and GERD if conditions do not improve.

Not Feeling Well

If you have done everything and checked all the possible causes above, then your baby is probably not feeling well. Check his/her temperature and look for signs of an infection before going to a pediatrician for a checkup.

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