History of Tampines New Town

The present day Tampines New Town was formerly home to swamps, forests and sand quarries. Ironwood trees, commonly referred to as tempinis once grew in abundance in the area, hence it was given its present name. The district is a portion of a military training area up until 1987.


The new town was founded in 1978. Construction began for Tampines Neigbourhoods 1 and 2 in 1983 and was completed in 1987; the construction process still took 3 years even though they were given priority. The construction of Neighbourhoods 8 and 9 was initiated in 1985 to 1989, which was followed by the construction of Neigbourhhod 5 which was completed along with Tampines Town Centre. Construction of Neighbourhood 4 was completed along with the new Tampines North Division. Construction of Neighbourhoods 3 and 7 was fully completed in 1997.


Modern construction techniques sped up the development of the town’s overall infrastructure. Utilizing prefabricated house components, a block of tall flats could be constructed within just a month. More attractive motifs, polishings and colours were integrated into Tampines. The HBD (Housing Development Board) managed the assembly of the town until 1991, when the management was handed over to the Tampines Town Council.

The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) of the United Nations gave the Word Habitat Award to Tampines which was chosen as a delegate of the country’s new towns on October 5, 1992. The award was bestowed in acknowledgement of a significant contribution to human settlement and development.



Tanjong Pagar District

The Tanjong Pagar District (also spelled as Tanjung Pagar) is an antique are that is situated within the Central Business District of the country, located beside the Downtown Core and the Outram Planning Area under the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) urban planning areas.


The name “tanjong pagar” is a Malay term which means “cape of stakes”. The name represents its roots as a fishing village which is located on an area which was once a peninsula.  It has been deduced that the resent name was inspired by the presence of offshore enclosure fishing traps made out of woodens takes and cross pieces (kalongs) that were put up along the stretch of coastal area from the vilae of Tanjong Malang to the present day Tanjong Pagar. It was surmised that the name was possibly a debasement of the earlier name which was Tanjong Passar.

A far more attractive and charming account of the naming of this portion of the coast came from the scope of a local myth. According to the Malay Archives, there was a period when the villages that were located along the coast of the country suffered from savage attacks from groups of swordfish. Following the advice of a notably smart individual named Hang Nadim, the Sri Maharajah constructed a barrier made out of banana stems along the coast which successful protected the villages by way of trapping the attacking swordfish by their snouts as they soared from the waters.


There are also accounts that claim that the original name of the area was Salinter which means “a fishing village”. In 1864, the Tanjong Pagar Dock Company was established because of the significant growth of shipping activities in the 1850s. The term “tanjong” means “cape” or “peninsula”; pagar on the other hand means “enclosed space” or “fence”. The present name of Tanjong Pagar possibly refers to the location of PSA GATE 3 near Victoria Dock. The area around the district were former mangrove swamps which were filled in with earth extracted from surrounding small hills, Mount Palmer in particular for the extension of the quay up to Telok Blangah.


Put Speed into Dating

As they say, life isn’t just about making money and having a successful job. Admit it or not, having all that success in a career wouldn’t be so satisfying unless you get to share it with the ones you love or simply with a special someone. But as time has changed, so have the priorities of most people. In this era, more emphasis has been placed on careers rather than on love.


So, what do you do if you’re mostly busy from work but also want to finally meet that someone whom you’ll share all your success and happiness with? Of course, it would be too radical to simply choose one over the other. So, before you make any drastic decisions, why not consider speed dating?

Speed dating isn’t a new concept anymore. It has been around for several years now. The first one actually happening in 1998 in Beverly Hills at a place called Pete’s Cafe. Basically, in speed dating, singles meet in an event. The pretense is eliminated because all those attending the event are there for the same purpose, which is finding a partner. For an allotted time, a pair of single people gets to meet and talk to each other.


When that time is over, the singles get to interact with new singles in the event. Simply put, it’s just like one of those European dances you see in movies where they exchange partners as the music plays, except that with speed dating they’re not dancing but getting to know each other. Throughout the years, speed dating has already crossed several seas and borders.

So it isn’t surprising to know that even here in Singapore, speed dating has also made its way. In fact, Social Development Network (SDN) is one of those that organizes speed dating events here. SDN continues to support the idea of marriages among singles and remains to provide an avenue for singles in Singapore to meet.

To give all the singles out there a heads up, SDN is once again organizing an event for speed dating this coming May 4th, 2014. The event will be from 6pm until 9:30pm and it will be held at The Studio Bar, 778 North Bridge Road. So, if you’re ready to take charge of your love life and finally find that special someone, then go ahead and give speed dating a try!



Say Yes to Outdoor Weddings

Finally said yes to walking down the aisle? That’s great! Now the next question is, have you already chosen the location? It’s summer and it’s such a great time to have that wedding outdoor. So if you’re considering a garden or beach wedding, check out these beautiful locations. wedding-planning-ideas-tips-outdoor-weddings.original

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Imagine you and your partner exchanging vows with a picturesque site of nature as your backdrop.  Wouldn’t that be incredible? Who knew that even in the midst of the city, you could still have that surreal garden wedding, and that’s exactly at Burkhill Hall in the Botanic Gardens. Here, you could share this symbolic union around the people who matter to you in full solemnity. Whether you prefer having your wedding at day time or at night, Burkhill Hall is the location for you because either way, it is still magnificent and doesn’t fail to provide that romantic feel to your special event. singapore-wedding-photographer-008

Tanjong Beach

Are you the type of couple who fancies a beach wedding? Here in Singapore, that’s a bit tricky since there aren’t so many to choose from, but luckily, there is one spot where you could celebrate that significant milestone without the downside of having to share the location with a huge crowd of beach-goers. At Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, you’ll get the right amount of tranquillity suited for saying “I Do” to the one you love. Having this kind of location is perfect for couples who enjoy a more casual setting and who like to simply feel the sand on their feet as they step into another chapter of their lives.




Avoiding Copyright Infringement

Here in Singapore, there is a possibility to block the websites which deliberately infringe copyright by the end of 2014. Singaporeans should know that there are proposed changes to the already existing Copyright Act. The government is making sure that the right only belongs to those who own it. This is the way of the government to battle piracy.


There are people who continually infringe copyright. They do not think of the gravity of the situation. Copyright infringement is a serious issue and it should not be ignored. Copyright issues are complicated. If you are an ordinary man who only wants to upload an image or video online, the complications of infringement is hard to understand.


Here’s how you can avoid copyright infringement:

  • Understand the scope: The first thing that you should understand is copyright infringement’s scope. The law protects films, paintings, drawings, music, lyrics, sculptures and many things. However, it does not include facts and fundamental ideas. 
  • Do not take something that is not yours: If you are serious about avoiding copyright infringement, you should not take something that is not yours in the first place. If it is not your idea, the least thing that you can do is give credit.
  • Be creative: You should be creative enough and not depend on the creativity of another. You have to be sure that the idea is from you and not from another person.  

There are many things that you still need to know but the things mentioned above will do. It can give you a picture of copyright infringement and how to avoid it. You should not confuse yourself with trademarks and forms of intellectual property. They are different.

If you need to know more, you can ask your lawyer and let them explain the implications and the scope of copyright infringement more.


How to Deal with Antisocial People

If you are the type that does not like to be with other people, you are either an antisocial or a loner. You will be happy to know that there are applications that can help you maintain the solitude that you want. For example, you can install Cloak; Cloak is an app that will alert you when people you do not like come within 3.2 kilometres.


Apart from Cloak, there is another app called Split. Split will give you directions or escape route if people you do not like come near you. Cloak and Split use geographic data from the social media accounts (Foursquare and Instagram) of people that allow them to pin their locations. These apps are trend setter. They will start a new trend of antisocial media.


We should respect the privacy of antisocial. If in this case you know someone who is antisocial, you should learn how to deal with them and befriend them if the situation calls for it. If you get them to open up, their lives will be better. You will see. Here are some tips on how to deal with antisocial:

  • Start small: You do not expect an antisocial to open to you right away. Like any other friendship that blossoms through time, you need to start small and work your way up. For example, you can talk to that person. Be the first to engage.
  • Be nice: The best thing that you can do is to be nice to the person. There are people who do not like antisocial because they think that they are weird and criminal. That is the misconception. If you are nice to the person, rest assured you will get the same treatment. 
  • Start hanging out with the person: There is nothing wrong if you hang out with an antisocial. If you find the same interest, everything will fall into its proper place. 
  • Do the things that interest the both of you: Before you start hanging out with an antisocial, you need to discover the things that interest the both of you. You can learn it if you engage in small talks.

The apps (Cloak and Split) are available here in Singapore. Singaporeans can enjoy the apps if they want to. These apps are not that expensive. It may sound weird or uncool to you but many people find this functional and useful. There are others apps worth your time and investment. Just look for it in the market.



The Basics of Fragrance

For students that are interested in perfumery and cosmetic, Singapore Polytechnic launched S$1 million worth of modern facility on January 7, 2014. The 575 square meters facility can help students develop and formulate products like soaps and scents. The facility is called Perfumery and Cosmetic Science Centre. The facility features 3 sectors for the students to be trained. The sectors include Research & Design, Formulation and Development of the final saleable products.     Carthusia-parfum

The facility is a good start to develop Singapore’s personal care products. In fact here in Singapore, there are at least 5 fragrance brands. According to the figures provided by the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB), the fragrance industry will significantly rise here in Asia by 2017. There will be forty per cent rise which will produce S$20 billion. That’s a pretty big market.

If you love perfumes, there are other things that you need to know. The following things can give you more knowledge about perfumes:

  • Definition of Perfume

Perfume refers to the mixture of essential oils and alcohol that can create a fragrance. Essential oils can be natural or synthetic. Natural essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers and many more. Synthetic essential oils are created in laboratories.


  • Categories of Fragrance

You should know that perfumers have this categorization of fragrance. There categories of fragrance include Floral, Oriental, Chypre, Green and Fougre. The largest category is the floral fragrances. The heaviest is Oriental.

  • Classifications of Fragrance

There are classifications of fragrance. The classification is based on the fragrance’s strength or percentage of the compound used. Classifications of fragrance include Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Splash Cologne.

What are you waiting for? You should visit the new centre and if you like it, enrol yourself. Perfumery is not easy and it needs science, technology and art. The new centre can be of great help.


The Importance for Patenting Your Ideas and Inventions

If you are an inventor, you will do anything to protect your life’s work. Instead of keeping your ideas and inventions inside the cabinet to be kept for eternity, you need to file for a patent. If you successfully filed the patent, you are given the right under the law to sue any individual or company who attempts to use your ideas and inventions to make money.


You have to know your government’s patenting processes. No matter how complicated it gets, you need to file your patent immediately to prevent others from using your ideas or inventions (unless you transfer your rights to the individual or company). You should know the importance of patenting your ideas and inventions so you can act immediately. The importance for patenting your ideas and inventions include:

  • Exclusive rights

As mentioned earlier, when you successfully filed your patent, you gain exclusive rights to utilize the idea or invention in any way you think is beneficial. You have to note the number of years you can use your patent exclusively though.


  • Strengthening position in the market

Patents can be used to strengthen your position in the market. If you have exclusive rights of an idea or invention, you can exploit it and get money from it. Your ideas and inventions will generate more money.

  • Chance of selling or licensing the ideas or invention

If you do not have enough time and resources to make your idea a reality, you can commission other companies to do it. You can sell or license your idea to other individuals or companies that have the power and the capacity to make it a reality. You can earn money from this.

What are you waiting for? If you have an idea or invention that can make the world a better place, you need to file for patent right away so no one can claim your idea or invention. Although filing for a patent can be rejected and it could take years to be granted, it is still worth the try.

Road Safety Measures for Schools

In November 2013, ten primary schools saw the LTA’s (Land Transport Authority) road safety initiatives. The Parliament Secretary for Transport visited the primary schools on January 3, 2014 to see the progress. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim noted that motorists now are driving cautiously.    guidelines

If you are a motorist, you should know that the cyclists and the pedestrians are the most vulnerable among the road users. You should be familiar with road safety measures especially if you are approaching schools. Here are some road safety measures launched by LTA:

Warning Markings

There are many warning markings or signs when you approach a school zone. For instance, there are markings that warn you to slow down or reduce speed, etc. There is no reason if you get into accidents because you are properly warned.


Lowering Speed Limits

LTA has changed the speed limits outside the school. LTA implemented 40 km/h speed limit during school hours. This is to minimize speed-related accidents.

Speed Humps

Apart from the warning markings and lowering speed limits, LTA also placed more speed humps. There are people who would call it speed bumps. Speed humps are traffic calming devices designed to reduce the speed of a vehicle to improve safety.


There are pedestrian barriers too. These barriers are effective in preventing pedestrians to cross dangerous areas. Barriers are especially put in critical areas.

The safety of the children crossing the streets should be prioritized. LTA is on the right track. Now it is up to the children to follow the measures. Educators and parents should consistently remind the children to watch out when they cross the street and always consider the pedestrian whenever they cross.

Managing Hawker Centres


If you are thinking of a food business, why not try to be a stallholder in hawker centres? This is a great way to start. You should first go to The National Environment Agency (NEA) and inquire about the processes. To date, NEA regulates and manages about 107 hawker centres here in Singapore. You should know that NEA performs a tender exercise every month.

The tender exercise is done to offer vacant hawker stalls to the general public. It is scheduled every 13th-26th every month. The details are published in different papers here in Singapore. If you seriously consider hawker centres, you need to know hawker’s policies. Here are some rental policies for hawkers:

Subsidized and Non-Subsidized Stalls


If you are talking about government stalls, it can either be subsidized or non-subsidized. In 1970, the government launched the hardship scheme (discontinued in 1989) which gave subsidized stalls to people who were selling from the streets. The non-subsidized stall refers to tendered and market.

Sold Stalls

You need to be familiar with the Stall Ownership Scheme. Under this scheme, the stalls are sold to the present stallholders under a 20-year leasing agreement.

Food Prices

Hawker centres are appealing because they provide affordable yet tasty meals. The affordability is attributed to the subsidized rentals and lower market rental (in private food courts). The good news is that the government still continues to assist hawkers. For example, rental rebates during the crisis in 2009 were given.

There you go. Hopefully the things mentioned above gave you an idea of how to manage hawker centres. If you are serious about this, you will surely succeed. Do not worry because as long as there are Singaporeans, your business will thrive. Do not forget to give a good food and astounding service.



Presenting Mercedes-Benz S- Class

When you hear luxury cars equipped with advance technology, limousines come to mind first. Indeed limousines are the epitome of luxury, comfort and advance technology. Riding this kind of car will be a memorable experience let alone owning it. But if limousines are not your type, you do not need to scour the market because you can find the luxury, comfort and advance technology in the new Mercedes- Benz S-Class.     Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec ( W222) 2012

The new Mercedes-Benz will earn your respect. It is special because of the following things:


The length and the wheelbase remain the same. Do not worry because the legroom is also the same with its predecessors. The change concentrates on the suspension system and the shell of the body. The suspension system and the shell of the body have more aluminium.

Power Train

The new S-Class will be powered by a 4.7L V-8 twin turbo. The twin turbo offers 20horsepower with a sum of 449. If you are asking of the torque, do not worry because it stays at 516 pound feet. As for the transmission, there will only be a seven speed automatic.



The interior of the new S-Class is redefined. It has plush seats that feature well stitched leather and massaging setting. The panel for your HVAC controls are very soft that you are like playing the piano. The rear seats are equipped with pop-up tables. You will also see a perfume atomizer at your glove compartment.


The design of the new S-Class is rather imposing – in a good way. It presents intelligent creases and lines. The tail of the new S-Class gives it commanding shape. The doors and the front corner speaks of elegant design.

You will notice that Mercedes-Benz is the car for dominant and influential people. The new S-Class will surely awe other people. Its elegant design, powerful engine and its luxurious interior will be yours if you give it a chance.


How to Deal with Internet Trolling

Online anonymity is beneficial for others but they should be aware that there are limits to that. Online anonymity encourages internet trolling. Internet trolling refers to the act of a person creating disagreement and conflict over the internet. This person will post different things to simply upset people and begin an argument. Whether it is intentional or deliberately planned, the government is seeking to curb this practice.


If you want to join in the discussions and conversations, you need to log in first with your Facebook account. This will discourage trolls and it will encourage accountability. Trolling is a form of online harassment. You can help to stop it. You can do the following things:

1. Identify if it is a troll. You should learn how to identify a troll. Sometimes, there are people who will approach you like a troll but they are only proving a point. If you notice that he/she is consistent in making arguments, disputes, etc. that is definitely a troll.


2. Ask the troll to stop. When you finally noticed that he/she is a troll, you need to ask him/her to stop what he/she is doing. You have to ask nicely and try to explain that your forum or your discussion board does not want any conflict and arguments.

3. Ignore. If the troll continues making a scene and disagreements, you need to ignore every word. This is hard but sometimes it works. If they see that you are not affected, they will simply abandon you and leave you on your own.

4. Report to the administrator. When all else fails, it is important that you report the troll to the administrator, operator or the owner of the site. The administrator, operator or the owner of the site will know what to do. They will simply ban the troll.

You cannot please all people but the key is to respect each other’s opinions and views. Trolls only challenge you but you hold the power. Do not let trolls spoil your internet experience.


Why You Should Not Paint Your House Yourself?

If you’re moving and trying to sell your house, or even if you just want to revamp your home for your own satisfaction, then repainting your house is the very best way to do it. Since the walls are the biggest and the most visible surface of the property, this is the best area to use in making great impact to the appearance of the place.

When you go for this house painting project, you will have to choose between these options: to do the project on your own or to hire a professional painting services contractor to do the job for you. By far, the best option to go for is to hire professional painting services.  Why you should not try painting your home yourself? Here are the reasons why.

Lack of Time to Do the Job

First of all, only a few homeowners in Singapore have enough time to do their own home painting tasks, as this project requires considerable amount of time to complete. But if you hire painting services singapore professionals to do the job, it’s their only job for eight hours a day. Therefore, enough attention is given to project and there’s only minimal time where your home looks untidy, uneven or blotchy.

Non-Professional Quality of Finished Product

Since you’re not a professional house painter, the result of your home painting won’t be as good as with that of a professional’s. Singapore professional painting services are trained and well-experienced to execute their job. This is not about discouraging your painting skills, but the fact that professional painters do this on a daily basis gives them more knowledge on how to skillfully execute the task.

Painting walls is harder to do than what you actually think, and doing it on your own without proper training will inevitably end up with air bubbles, streaks, uneven strokes, marks of raindrops and ladder where you leaned it against the wall. If you’re painting your Singapore home for the purpose of selling it, then the unnecessary painting marks will surely affect the salability of the property.

Caution Awareness

Another matter to consider when you choose to paint your home yourself is your safety. If you need to paint, let’s say, the roof, you will have to climb a ladder with a heavy bucket of paint. This could be very dangerous as you could get struck by strong wind that can cause you to fall and become injured. If you let the professional Singapore painting services to do the job, they have the right equipment, knowledge on how to maneuver easily while on the ladder, and there’s someone assigned to climb and someone to hold the ladder. Doing it your way will surely put yourself at serious risk.

More Expenses

Though painting your home by yourself can help you save a lot, you might be astonished how it will eat up all your initial savings because of the frequent maintenance needed along the road. Furthermore, the money you saved from labor fee will still lose on the paints and panting materials you buy, which professional painting services can get at discounted prices. Also, doing the task your way will require you to purchase materials, like ladders, brushes, rollers, roller pole, etc., that will only be used once.

The Clean and Green Campaign

The Prime Minister mentioned reviewing and strengthening the penalties against littering at the 2013 Clean and Green Campaign. PM Lee said that though there are only a small number of Singaporeans who litter, it should be not be overlooked because these small actions can spread and it could be contagious. In the meantime, a person caught littering would pay a fine of S$300.  

The Clean and Green Campaign is part of the bigger plan by the Government, the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint. The plan has many programmes (like reducing carbon emission and hawker friendly centres) that seeks to protect the environment. Reprimanding littering is a start.

Apart from this campaign, there is also a significant movement here in Singapore. The KSCM (Keep Singapore Clean Movement) is a national initiative that encourages all Singaporeans to shift from a “cleaned city” to a “totally clean city”. This movement is directed by the PHC (Public Hygiene Council), KSBM (Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement), SKM (Singapore Kindness Movement) and NEA (National Environment Agency).

The campaign seeks to bring awareness to all Singaporeans. Inculcating the importance of a clean environment is a long journey but it should be carried out. With the partnership of many agencies, Singapore will surely be a “totally clean city”.

Whether you are a citizen, PR or a tourist, you should do your best to support the campaign and other activities because it will benefit you at the end of the day. You can start by following segregation and throwing your garbage in the right place. That is not so hard, right? 

Luxury for Singaporeans: Good Health

According to the study conducted by The Visa Affluent Study 2013, Singaporeans redefined the meaning of luxury. Singaporeans shunned material extravagances and consider good health a luxury. Asia Pacific and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) also perceive the same thing. The Visa Affluent Study 2013 seeks to find out the trends and spending habits of affluent consumers. They found out that modern and affluent people put more priority in keeping fit at the same time achieving work-life balance.

HPB (Health Promotion Board) is surely happy to know that more Singaporeans are eyeing a healthy life. But it should be noted here that health and fitness are not only for affluent Singaporeans. HPB stresses that all health and fitness programmes are for everyone, not only for the rich and the famous. Ordinary people also deserve health and fitness. Here are some things that you should consider to maintain a good health:

Eating Right

You are what you eat. Remember that. Foods are important so the body will function well but you have to make sure that you eat the right kind of food and the right amount. To be safe, you should eat vegetables and fruits. If you want to be sure, you can go to your nutritionist and ask them to design a meal plan for you.

Regular Exercise

All people need about 200 to 300 minutes of exercise every week. If you have all the time in the world, it would be great if you spend an hour or two exercising. If you are too busy, you can still exercise. Brisk walking on your way to work or biking for thirty minutes to one hour will make a difference. Exercise will serve as your protection against chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, etc.  

Mental Wellbeing

When you speak of health, it is not only physical because it transcends more than that. Some scientists believe that mental health or wellbeing should be considered when you are vying for a healthy and fit life. Remember that if you are happy and positive, it radiates to your action. When you are positive about everything, it would be easier to get through exercise and proper diet.