Countries that Have the Most Holidays

Every year, Singaporeans anticipate public holidays because it is their time to rest, relax and celebrate with the family. Public holidays are celebrated by every country but the number of holidays varies depending on the country. Here in Singapore, public holidays are only eleven days. People are happy with whatever they can get on top of their annual leave.


Do you know which country has the most public holidays? You have to know which country not to envy them but to understand them. Wego, a travel search website has compiled a list of countries with the most holidays. So, here is the list:

  • 21 days of Public Holidays: Only India gets 21 days of Public Holidays. They topped the list of countries with the most holidays. Indians are surely happy about this. They have plenty of time to do the things that they want.
  • 18 days of Public Holidays: The second place went to Columbia and Philippines. The two countries allocate 18 days for the observance of their holidays.
  • 17 days of Public Holidays: China and Hongkong are in the third place. They spend 17 holidays marked on their calendar.


  • 16 days of Public Holidays: Thailand, Turkey and Pakistan have 16 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 15 days of Public Holidays: Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lithuania, Vietnam and Sweden have 15 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 14 days of Public Holidays: Indonesia, Chile and Slovakia have 14 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 13 days of Public Holidays: South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Norway and Taiwan have 13 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 12 days of Public Holidays: Finland and Russia have at least 12 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 11 days of Public Holidays: Italy, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic and Luxembourg have 11 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 10 days of Public Holidays: United States, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Croatia and Romania have 10 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 9 days of Public Holidays: Serbia, Germany and Hungary have 9 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 8 days of Public Holidays: United Kingdom, Spain and Canada have 8 holidays marked on their calendar.
  • 7 days of Public Holidays: Mexico has the least holidays with only 7 days marked on their calendar.

Though Singaporeans only get eleven days, we are in fact lucky compared to Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain and Canada. The only challenge here is how to maximize the time you have. There are a lot of things that you can consider during holidays.




Useful Tips for Single People to Save Money

Married people often joke around that their single friends have it easier with life. There are no kids to take care of, no house mortgage to pay and no educational plans to save up for. These assumptions are not entirely true. Married couples fail to realize that single people also face financial pressures and problems.

beautiful smiling girl  line up coins in pillars

Single people often have to pay for their own rent, without anybody to split it with.  They are also more inclined to eat out and spend their money in bars and clubs to socialize with friends. Single individuals tend to overspend so we’ve compiled some tips to help them save up and cut back on the unnecessary expenses.

Think twice about who you hang out with. If you hang out with friends who love to go to expensive restaurants for weekend dinners or those who go to go clubbing on a regular basis, maybe it is time to hang out with them less. It’s a proven fact that we are more inclined to spend a lot when we are in the company of people who also like to spend a lot of money.


Exploit your resources. If you are living alone in a spacious house with multiple rooms, you can rent out the excess space to get more income. You can even share the rent with a friend or a relative. It’s also time to check out your closet for some clothes and other items that are not of use to you anymore. You can organize a garage sale to gain profit. The upside of being single is that you can do whatever you want with your belongings, and in this case, you can use them to your own benefit.




Reasons to Start Cycling

For biking enthusiasts out there, do you want to hear good news? Well, the government is planning to make Singapore a cycling nation. According to the government, by the end of 2030, the city-state will have a network of 700 kilometre of cycling paths. There are others who are not happy of the news because 2030 is a long time. Cycling paths can be done by 2020.


The government is allocating $59 million for cycling structures located in Tampines, Marina Bay, Taman Jurong, Changi-Simei, Bedok, Yishun and Pasir Ris. According to Singapore’s Prime Minister, cycling would be soon piloted in Tampines and Ang Mo Kio. There are doubters out there but teaching primary schools about cycling will be a good start while waiting for the completion of the structure.

You should know that cycling is a must for other countries like Netherlands. Most of Dutch people make trips through their bikes. In fact, primary school pupils in Netherlands are required to sit in a cycling examination that includes practical test and multiple choices.

If you are not yet convinced, here are the reasons to start cycling:


  • Cycling is an effective form of exercise: Exercise is an important part of life. Experts would recommend exercise at least thrice a week. Cycling can improve the health. You do not need a fortune to buy a bicycle.
  • Cycling helps build strength and muscle tone: Other people believe that cycling only benefits the legs. This is not entirely true. Cycling can build strength and muscle tone in a holistic manner. Every part of the body is involved in cycling. Cycling can also improve body coordination.
  • Cycling builds stamina: Stamina is also called endurance. Cycling is beneficial because it can build stamina. You will not realize it but you have gone further.
  • Cycling improves cardio-vascular fitness: More importantly, cycling can improve cardio-vascular fitness. You will have lesser risk for cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Cycling can reduce calories: If you want to lose unwanted pounds, cycling can eat the calories and burn it. Cycling for at least 30 minutes can burn up to eleven pounds of fat. It can also boost your metabolism after riding.

Reminders before cycling: start slow. If you increase your speed, do it gradually and you should remember safety precautions before riding your bikes. Do not forget about the traffic rules and more importantly, remember the health benefits of it. These will be enough to keep you going. Good luck and enjoy the ride.



Vehicles in Singapore to Adopt Euro Emission Standards

Singapore’s NEA (National Environment Agency) will have an initiative come September 2017. The initiative concerns Singaporeans who drive petrol vehicles. Let it be known that vehicles here will follow strict Euro VI emission standards. NEA stressed the importance of the emission standards in the improvement of air quality here.


The standards will significantly reduce the emission of detrimental NOx (Nitric Oxide and Nitgrogen Dioxide) and other fine particulates. At present, the city-state is following the Euro IV standards which were implemented in 2006. Apart from Euro VI, NEA will also accept cars that meet Japanese emission standards. After the declaration of the new standards, NEA also announced Singapore’s pledge to decrease carbon emissions in 2020 by 11 percent below Business-as-usual levels.

What is with this Euro emission standard? For starters, you must know that Euro emission standards comprise of different stages and legal framework. The stages are referred as Euro 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The roman numerals are representations of heavy duty vehicles standards. You also need to know other emission standards. Here are some ideas:


  • Emission standards for passenger cars: For petrol cars, under Euro 1, the emission standard of CO (Carbon Monoxide) is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC + NOx (Hydrocarbon + Nitrogen Oxides). For Euro 2, the standard of CO is only 2.2 and 0.97 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard for CO is 2.3, 0.20 for THC (Hydrocarbon) and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC and 0.08 for NOx. For Euro 5, the emission standard of CO is 0.50, 0.10 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC (Non-methane Hydrocarbons), 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM (Atmospheric Particulate Matter). For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.
  • Emission standards for light commercial vehicles: Light vehicles that are use petrol also has sets of emission standards. For Euro 1, the emission standard of CO is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC+NOx. For Euro 2, the emission standard of CO is 2.2 and 0.5 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard is 2.3, 0.20 for THC and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 5, the emission standard of COis 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.

The implementation of these standards will undoubtedly benefit the whole city-state.


Foods that Will Boost Your Brainpower

Healthy eating has an impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. It should not be ignored and disregarded. Fortunately, many Singaporeans see the importance of healthy food especially in their mental wellbeing. You should know that the brain needs nutrients like muscles and hearts. There are many foods here in Singapore that can keep your brain well.


So, what are these foods? Here are some foods that will surely boost your brainpower:

  • Whole grains: Your body needs energy for it to function well. Your brain also needs energy. You have to know that the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate lies from the steady supply of energy which is in the form of glucose. You can give steady supply of energy to your brain by consuming whole grains.
  • Oily fish: For sure you are familiar with essential fatty acids. These acids can play a big part on your brain function. You can get these acids from linseed oil, soya beans and oily fish. Oily fishes include salmon, herring, mackerel and trout.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries are widely available. According to a study conducted by Tufts University, blueberries can help improve short term memory loss.


  • Tomatoes: Tomatoes are famous for its lycopene. Lycopene is so powerful that it can protect the brain’s cells from radical damage which usually happens in the development of dementia.
  • Blackcurrants: Blackcurrants contain vitamin C which increases one’s mental agility.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli is the best source of vitamin K. For your information, vitamin K is famous to improve cognitive function which will lead to an improved brainpower.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are known for its zinc contents. Zinc is important in augmenting thinking and memory skills. A handful of these seeds are enough for the day.
  • Nuts: Among the foods mentioned in this article, perhaps the most famous is the nuts. Nuts are good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E can particularly help in averting cognitive decline. Apart from nuts, vitamin E is also found in asparagus, seeds, olives and brown rice.

There are many foods that you can consider to nourish your grey matter. If you are not satisfied, you can always opt for supplements. If you think that your diet is unbalanced, you have to look for ways to neutralize it. You can always consider multivitamins and mineral complex supplements. Do not forget about the omega-3 fatty acid too.

If you are thinking of these supplements, it is crucial that you seek the advice of your doctor first. Do not take medications that you are not sure of because it might harm you instead of boosting you.


Foods for Weight Gain

Many Singaporeans are particular about losing weight but there are others who are looking for the opposite. It is safe to say that not all people here in Singapore are seeking to lose weight. There are others who will do anything just to gain some weight for health purposes. If you have this kind of dilemma, you have come to the right place.


You have to make sure that you gain weight the healthy way. It is true that you can gain weight easily by simply eating fries and drinking soda all day but then your body will surely suffer the costs of poor diet. If you want to be safe and sure, you can always hire nutritionists. These people can help you with your food choices. Here are foods your nutritionist would likely to recommend:

  • Potatoes: People who are trying to lose weight cut back carbohydrates. So, the first thing that you should do is add carbohydrates. The key here is to choose carbs that have more nutritional value. Potatoes are great choice because they are overloaded with the things that you need to put on some weight like fibre, protein and vitamin C.
  • Lean red meat: You will surely enjoy lean read meats when you are trying to gain weight. You can have meats many times a week but be careful not to overdo it because it can cause health risks.
  • Fruits: If you love tropical fruits, you will be glad to know that it can help you in gaining weight. You have to eat bananas, mangoes, papayas and pineapples. These fruits are full of sugars which will help you gain weight. You can blend it if you want or eat it raw.


  • Whole wheat bread: You can start with eating whole wheat bread if you really want to gain some weight. You have to be sure though that you are eating healthy breads. The best bread is the whole grains. As much as possible, avoid white breads. Whole grain contains fibre and other minerals that can help you.
  • Cheese: Cheese is a favourite of many because it can go with almost any dish. Cheese contains high in fats which is better for people who are trying to gain weight. The good thing about cheese is that it comes with delicious flavours so you can pair it with anything.

There you go. These foods can be found easily so you do not have excuses not to consider it. The most important thing here is to be serious about this. You have to be firm when you want this for it to be successful.


Rest is Equivalent to Happiness

Many people don’t have time to take care to themselves because they are so many things that hinder them. One is work. Most people concentrate on their work and ignore the times that they have to rest. They choose to get busy for the reason that they need to earn more for a living. Lots of people say that choosing to work rather than rest is a very practical deed.


However, it will give complications to your physique and in the relationship between your friends and most importantly the most valuable and treasured people in your life – your family. Rest is very important to achieve happiness and happiness can be obtained when you perform the things accurately and properly. Rest doesn’t only occur in the physical body as it also targets your emotional mind.


Learn how to meditate and practice meditation. One reason to deter you from being happy is stress. One way to prevent stress is to look at the positive side of everything and always delete negative things so that you can move on or move well. However, there are times that you still need to accept negativity so that you will learn what the correct things to do are.

Stress is an emotional problem that cannot be cured by medicines. It needs rest and sleep. Meditation is also one way to stay happy. If you do meditation every day, you will be more focused with your life, you will have a clear mind and you are calmer. It literally clears your mind and gives a soothing experience to your body.


Thank You is a Magic Word

Giving an appreciation to a person is one way to express love. You may or may not have the intention to do it but the fact that you show your gratitude to someone is something very important. There are a lot of times that individuals disregard saying a simple “Thank You” to an individual who helped them.


It is a wrong reason to say that it is just an attitude to never state this ordinary yet touching phrase. Many individuals also utter this expression but without feelings. They do it just because they are used to saying it. It’s just a word that comes from their mouth because they have been making it for several times.


Always say “Thank You”. Whatever happens, even if it is worst, do not forget to say “Thank You.” You may become a fool by doing this. But it is also for your own good. You will be less stressed and you can concentrate more on what’s important. For instance, you plan for the evening is done and then the rain came in.

The first thing you are going to say is “What a bad weather!” Instead of saying this, thank the rain for coming in and watering all your plants and leaving no dust in the road. No, you don’t act like a fool because you are having fun with yourself, which is less stressful and will make your day positive. In general, stay happy by saying the magic word.


The Qualifications of a Journalist

In today’s modern world, being a journalist is not anymore famous and is being disregarded due to the modern devices that are invented and are continuously improved. On the other hand, this is not a problem for some experienced and professional journalists because they can still go with the flow of the new technologies that are being discovered by the great inventors today.


But because of these discoveries, there is a wider scope of information that is gathered. However, this doesn’t mean that it is easier to get some info; it only quick and it is still hard to find information most especially if it is not accessible to the public. While being in the journalism field is not easy; it is more difficult when you want to be a journalist. Below are some of the qualifications to be a journalist:


  • Creative Mind – Most of the time, there is a need to be creative and resourceful because in this kind of career anything could happen in a rapid motion. He needs to acquire a talented mind t be able to construct articles in a fast manner.
  • Character – This is very important in this kind of profession because you are facing different individual with different professions. They maybe famous celebrities or they might be high ranking officials in different organizations.
  • Formal Education – Once an individual has finished a liberal education, it is assumed that he is knowledgeable about the ethics, the rules and the regulations of being a journalist.670px-Be-a-Good-Journalist-Step-6

Singapore: Jobs for Journalism Graduates

There are many challenging opportunities an individual can get after completing course in journalism. Most of the jobs are in the field of writing. However, they can be newscasters, radio announcers and advertising specialist. They can also be proofreaders, reporter and more. Here are some organizations that you might belong once you have finished a degree or at least earn subjects in Journalism:


  • Newspaper agencies – Here, your primary task is to write articles which are related to entertainment, sports, agriculture, foreign and local news, technologies and many more. You may also become an editor-in-chief, copy reader and reporter in this organization.
  • Magazine Companies – Your job here will be the same as a worker on newspaper agencies. However, your main work here is to research deeply to produce factual feature stories.


    • Business Press – Normally, you can see here business articles and is a little bit complicated. On the other hand, aside from being a business in this particular firm, you can also be a researcher and a staff for promotions.
    • Advertising agencies- Here, you can be public relations personnel. Also, you can lead promotion projects and account executives.
    • Radio and TV networks – Today, there is really a big need for writers in these organizations. These include gags or comedy writers, jingle writers, scriptwriters for radio drama and TV series. Aside from being writer, they can also be a researcher and editor for a particular sitcom or TV series.academics1


Top International Meeting Countries

It is not every day that international meetings happen in a specific country. Here in Singapore, holding international meetings is not new. In fact, the Singapore Tourism happily revealed that for seven consecutive years, the city is considered to be the Top International Meeting City. As if it is not enough, Singapore is also considered as the Top International Meeting Country for three consecutive years.


What does this tell us? This tells us that Singapore passed the criteria stipulated by Union of International Associations (UIA). One of the criteria is that meetings should be supported by international organizations. For your information, UIA is mandated by the United Nations. Headquarter is in Brussels, Belgium. It was founded by Henri La Fontaine (a Nobel Peace Prize laureate) and Paul Otlet.

If you want to know other countries that are included in UIA’s 2012 list of Top International meeting countries, you can refer to the list provided below:


  • Japan: In Japan, there were about seven hundred thirty one international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Japan’s percentage of all meetings is 7.3%.
  • USA: In USA, there were about six hundred fifty eight international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. USA’s percentage of all meetings is 6.6%.
  • Belgium: In Belgium, there were about five hundred ninety seven international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Belgium’s percentage of all meetings is 6%.
  • Republic of Korea: In Korea, there were about five hundred sixty three international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Korea’s percentage of all meetings is 5.6%.
  • France: In France, there were about four hundred ninety four international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. France’s percentage of all meetings is 4.9%.
  • Austria:  In Austria, there were about four hundred fifty eight international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Austria’s percentage of all meetings is 4.6%.
  • Spain: In Spain, there were about four hundred forty nine international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Spain’s percentage of all meetings is 4.5%.
  • Germany: In Germany, there were about three hundred seventy three international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Germany’s percentage of all meetings is 3.7%.
  • Australia: In Australia, there were about two hundred eighty seven international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. Australia’s percentage of all meetings is 2.9%.

Singapore is the trusted venue for international meetings. In Singapore, there were nine hundred fifty two international meetings conducted by the end of 2012. The country’s percentage of all meetings is 9.5%. We should keep it that way and continue to be number one for the years to come.


Getting to Know the Gramofon

For Singaporeans who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for high-tech stereos, there is a new system that seeks to impress. The product is called Gramofon. Gramofon is manufactured by a Spanish Wi-Fi operator, Fon. It is part Wi-Fi router and music streamer. This is indeed the first of its kind.


Many people are excited because they can play music from any service (like Spotify, Hype Machine, Beats Music and Rhapsody). The best thing about this is that your friends can connect to your network. If you want to know more, here are some details:

  • Technical specifications of Gramofon: The specs of Gramofon includes 3.14 by 3.14 by 1.65 inches in width, WiFi is at 802.11 b/g/n with Qualcomm Atheros AR341. It also features WPS, Bridge, AP/Hotspot is mode supported. The package includes 3.5mm audio cable and 5V/1A charger.
  • How it works: Getting this thing work is not a daunting task. You only need to connect your Gramofon to your present sound system or any speakers you want. The next thing that you should do is connect Gramofon to the internet through the Ethernet. It does not end there for you can connect your smartphones (Android or iPhone) to the WiFi signal. If you receive any messages, the music will not be interrupted.


  • Connecting to Gramofon: As mentioned earlier, you can use your present speakers or amplifiers (as long as it has an audio jack) to play music but you cannot connect your speakers wirelessly. You need that 3.5mm audio jack provided upon purchase.
  • Downloading an app: You should know that using Gramofon would require you to download an application. Gramofon can be controlled by downloading Gramofon’s application. If you have Spotify app, that would do just fine.
  • Friends and Gromofon: Your friends can connect to your Gramofon by choosing the WiFi signal emitted from your device. They only need to see GramofonWiFi. They simply need to launch a browser and they will land on the login page. In logging in, they only need to use their Fon, Facebook or Google credentials. If they are your friends on Facebook or Google, they can access the Gramofon automatically.

Gramofon is not yet available here in Singapore though. The company is planning to launch Gramofon next month. This is worth the wait. This will entirely change how you stream your music. Remember that Gramofon is not a sound system. There are no speakers included. The Gramofon’s job is to only enable your present sound system to play online music.


How to Maintain a Beautiful and Healthy Hair

The hair is every person’s crowning glory. The state of the hair can add or subtract beauty to its beholder. Because of this, no matter how long or short one’s hair is, or no matter how curly, straight or wavy one’s hair is—it is something that needs attention and care.


To maintain a healthy hair, one must regularly wash and clean it using shampoo and hair conditioner. It is a healthy habit to wash the hair three to four times a week and having breaks in between for the hair to rejuvenate its natural oils. Massaging the scalp where the roots of the hair are in is also a good practice in making the hair healthy.

After making sure that you have a clean hair, picking the right brush for your hair is the next step. There are particular brushes for every type of hair. If you have a wavy and curly hair, it is better to use wide toothed combs or brushes. Meanwhile, if you have a straight hair, it is better to have narrow tooth combs to make sure that all the strands of the hair are combed.


Internal efforts like taking in foods which are good for the hair will surly help in making the hair healthy. Fish oil like those coming from tuna, mackerel and those fish with high omega3 fatty acids are all prescribed. Eating lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables are also beneficial for the hair.


Home Remedies on Relieving Acne

One of the worse skin problems one can suffer is acne. Acne is a worse case of pimple. It is much bigger than ordinary pimples, and it can produce pus because it is infected by bacteria. What makes acne worse is that they appear in the face, at the back or sometimes, in other parts of the skin. Outbreak may also occur in particular times. Nonetheless, acne remedies can be easily done at home, so management of it is also easy.


Start by making sure that your face is always clean. Bacteria propagate in dirty and oily skin. Wash your face at least thrice a day with cold water. Cold water will help in closing the pores of the skin which secretes oil and which can also be a passageway of dirt. Aside from this, you can also squeeze lemon on the rising water you are using. Lemons are known to have antibacterial capacity which will help in reducing bacteria production in your skin.


At night before you sleep, apply honey in your face especially to the acne itself. Honey will help in reducing the inflammation of the acne as well as in the fast healing of open wounds created by acne. Baking soda and peppermint combination are also effective. Baking soda has antibacterial capacity; more than this, baking soda is very neutral making irritations less possible. The peppermint extract or fresh peppermint leaves can be placed on the acne. The coolness these leaves will produce will help ease acne irritation.


Perspire More by Eating the Chilli Crab of Singapore

Looking for hot recipes that will make you sweat? Chili crab in Singapore is perfect for you! With its mouth-watering and delectable taste, it’ll surely satisfy your chili cravings. At the heart of Singapore, there are a lot of restaurants, food stalls and other food establishments that serves different variety of foods.


When it comes to seafood, some of the best places to visit include the Long Beach Seafood, No Signboard Seafood Restaurant and the Jumbo Seafood. Also, exceptional seafood locations are found at the Palm Beach Seafood which is located at One Fullerton, Long Beach Seafood that is situated in Dempsey and the Singapore Seafood Republic at the famous Sentosa Resorts World.

Chili crab is specially made for people who love a hot recipe. However, it is not only for chili lovers but also for ordinary food lovers. It is a food that is made up of a sweet, sumptuous and aromatic sauce – chili as the base. Tomato sauces are also added to surprise your appetite and satisfy your chili food craving.


What’s more interesting about this dish is that its sauce is also added with garlic and vinegar that is properly mixed to the flour. In a simple procedure, flour must be thickened so that it will achieve a chili taste and a fluffy texture. To add extra kick, you can pair it with some toasted buns or locally known as mantouo. Dip it into its sauce and it will leave you a spicy taste that you may or may not regret.