How to Deal with Internet Trolling

Online anonymity is beneficial for others but they should be aware that there are limits to that. Online anonymity encourages internet trolling. Internet trolling refers to the act of a person creating disagreement and conflict over the internet. This person will post different things to simply upset people and begin an argument. Whether it is intentional or deliberately planned, the government is seeking to curb this practice.


If you want to join in the discussions and conversations, you need to log in first with your Facebook account. This will discourage trolls and it will encourage accountability. Trolling is a form of online harassment. You can help to stop it. You can do the following things:

1. Identify if it is a troll. You should learn how to identify a troll. Sometimes, there are people who will approach you like a troll but they are only proving a point. If you notice that he/she is consistent in making arguments, disputes, etc. that is definitely a troll.


2. Ask the troll to stop. When you finally noticed that he/she is a troll, you need to ask him/her to stop what he/she is doing. You have to ask nicely and try to explain that your forum or your discussion board does not want any conflict and arguments.

3. Ignore. If the troll continues making a scene and disagreements, you need to ignore every word. This is hard but sometimes it works. If they see that you are not affected, they will simply abandon you and leave you on your own.

4. Report to the administrator. When all else fails, it is important that you report the troll to the administrator, operator or the owner of the site. The administrator, operator or the owner of the site will know what to do. They will simply ban the troll.

You cannot please all people but the key is to respect each other’s opinions and views. Trolls only challenge you but you hold the power. Do not let trolls spoil your internet experience.


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