Most Popular Kitchen Gift Items for Newlyweds

Ready to decorate your new apartment in Singapore? While it’s great to invest in essential decorative pieces, you should not forget to shop for important items for the most important part of your home—the kitchen. But first, you need to ask yourself the following questions: Do you or your spouse love to cook? What kind of specialties do you prepare? Does your kitchen have enough storage for the type of cooking you require? And what kitchen items do you already have?

Here is a list of kitchen essentials that every home must have.

Pots and Pans

Every kitchen should have the basic pots and pans for very type of cuisine. If you love cooking, you should not forget to shop for the following items: skillet or frying pan (preferably a cast-iron skillet), sauté pan, saucepans (one 2-quart and one 3-quart), roasting pan for poultry, stew pot (preferably cast-iron), baking dish or casserole (look for a product that comes with a lid), stockpot, and wok.


A set of quality knives will serve your kitchen for years, that is why you should not hesitate to invest in the most affordable but high-quality set that you can afford.

All kitchens should have the following knives: serrated bread knife for any type of bread, santoku knife for its sharpness, eight- or nine-inch chef’s knife, cleaver for meat and bones, paring knife for trimming and peeling, carving knife for thin slices of food, fillet knife, and kitchen shears. Complete the set with a quality wooden chopping board, knife stand or case, and a knife sharpener.


Besides the flatware, plates, and bowls for dining, you should not forget the following kitchen utensils that will help make food preparation easier: tongs, ladle, spatula, slotted spoon, whisk, wooden spoons, grater, can opener, cork screw, measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, colander, baster, chinois, fish scaler, funnel, garlic press, mortar and pestle, salt shaker, scoop, sieve, and spoon sieve. Don’t forget to include aprons and pot or pan holders in your kitchen items.


If you love baking, you should keep the following items in your kitchen: hand mixer, oven thermometer, sifter, cookie scoops, cooling racks, rolling pin, an assortment of baking pans, baking sheets, pastry blender, spatulas and whisks in different sizes, mixing bowls, icing smoother, pastry brush, sieve, skewer, food scales, baking parchment, dough hook, and rubber spatula.

Spices and Condiments

The kitchen would be incomplete without the following: salt, pepper, chili, barbecue sauce, ketchup, mustard, oils, soy sauce, salsa, teriyaki sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, ginger, curry powder, paprika, red pepper, and more.


Lastly, you should get all the essential kitchen equipment for easier food preparation such as the range, oven, rice cooker, blender, microwave oven, food processor, stand mixer, griddle, deep fryer, slow cooker, and coffee maker.


Don’t forget to include kitchen cleaning and maintenance tools to keep your new kitchen spotless. Cleaning tools should include the following: dish cloth, scrubbing pads, scrub brush, steel wool, paper or cloth towels, rubber gloves, plastic scraper for the pots and pans, dish soap, dish drainer, and a multi-purpose cleaner.

A Guide to Getting an Engagement Ring Insurance

As a newly-engaged woman, the last thing you’d want to give much thought about is purchasing an engagement ring insurance. But even if it seems like a boring and daunting chore, it’s something that needs to be done. Being informed and taking the right steps to have your engagement ring insured will save you a lot of heartache later on. To help you, we’ve consulted some insurance and jewellery experts for tips on how you’ll be able to protect and enjoy your ring for the years to come.

1. Find a Jewellery Store That Offers Appraisal Services

One of the first things you should do to insure your proposal ring is to find a jeweller who offers appraisal services. Ask your family and friends for recommendations about accredited and certified jewellery appraisers in your area or look for online reviews to find a skilled and professional jeweller.

It is often impossible to have your engagement ring insured without an appraisal since insurance companies don’t rely on their clients to set the value of the jewellery piece to be insured. Appraisers, on the other hand, follow the proper valuation standards that require them to give a fair appraised value of your jewellery, which is why they are trusted by most insurance companies.

2. Get Your Ring Appraised

A good jewellery appraisal takes various factors into consideration, including the stone’s colours, its carat weight, the cut, as well as the metal type used. Once the appraisal is done, the jeweller will get back to you with a formal document of the concrete value for your engagement ring.

If you have a higher value jewellery piece, however, then the appraiser for your customised engagement ring in Singapore will provide you with an official certification along with your ring instead. This certification isn’t an appraisal, but it’s considered as one by most insurance companies.

3. Know Your Insurance Options

There are two ways on how you can get your proposal ring insured: through a renters and homeowners insurance or through an independent jewellery insurer. A ring insurance can be purchased as an extension for your homeowners or renters policy. This policy covers the items found in your home, but only up to a specific dollar value. Special items like electronic, arts and engagement rings, on the other hand, are insured through a scheduled personal property coverage.

Aside from your renters and homeowners insurance, you can also choose to insure your engagement ring through a jewellery insurance company. This option offers more coverage than your standard homeowner policy, such as replacing a stolen or lost ring instead of paying a certain amount of cash.

4. Review the Insurance Policies

If you’re shopping for a “ring rider” policy, make sure that you read and understand the fine print of the policy. A good insurance policy covers every possible ring-threatening situation, from damage and theft to accidentally dropping the ring in the garbage disposal.

5. Ask Questions About the Insurance Policy

Just like with all things in wedding planning, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with questions to ask before committing to an insurance policy. As you speak with your potential insurance company, ensure that you ask these questions about their proposed policy:

    • Will I receive a new engagement ring or cash in the event of theft or loss?
    • What does your policy cover exactly? Loss and theft only, or are other possibilities like damages and threat to the piece included?
    • Will the jewellery still be covered if it was stolen or lost overseas?
    • Can I use any jeweller I choose, or do you recommend a particular jeweller in Singapore to do check-up and repairs on my ring?
    • Are there any circumstances or situations that will not be covered by your insurance policy?
    • Is the ring insured for a partial or full cost?
    • How should I prove my claims about my ring being damaged, stolen or lost?
    • What will happen if I lost my ring and no suitable replacement is found?
    • Are there limits on how much the company will pay?

6. Specify the Amount of a Deductible

A deductible is the amount you will pay to replace the ring before your insurer compensates for the remaining costs. Some jewellery insurers in Singapore offer a range of deductibles when you insure your engagement ring. Just remember that the higher your deductible is, the lower the annual insurance premium becomes.

A good rule of the thumb when estimating your expenses is to expect to pay S$1 to S$2 for every S$100 your jewellery would cost to replace. Still, this might vary based on the type of insurance policy that you chose for your ring.

7. Reappraise Your Ring

As its value increased since it was purchased, it’s crucial that you have both your engagement and wedding ring reappraised with the same appraiser every two to three years for insurance purposes. A reputable appraiser will retain a copy of your original appraisal and work from that instead of appraising your ring all over again. Just ensure that you have the copy of your appraisal on hand in case they don’t keep the records of their previous clients.

Getting an insurance for your engagement ring – or your wedding ring – might be the last thing that comes into your mind as you plan your impeding nuptials, but it’s also an important decision that doesn’t require much of your effort and time. So be prepared and take the right steps to protect one of the most valuable piece of jewellery in your possession.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Choosing a Wedding Reception Dress

In the recent years, many brides are choosing two bridal dresses for the big day: one for the ceremony and another for the Singapore reception. The gown for the ceremony looks more formal and usually restricts movement, such as mermaid silhouettes and ballgowns. Brides who opt for these ceremony dresses prefer to change into a completely different dress for the reception, so they can dance and move around comfortably.


A bridal studio offers a myriad of options to choose from. If you consider switching into a comfortable reception dress on your wedding day, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

1. Go Short
One great thing about having a second bridal wardrobe is that you can pick a shorter and more comfortable type of dress. Many boutiques have collections of short wedding dresses—some are more formal while others look casual. If you’re going for comfort in hot Singapore, a halter style with flowing skirt would be a perfect pick. For a more formal choice, you can go for a tube or sweetheart top with fuller skirt.

2. Go Long But Keep it Simple
If you wish to wear a floor-length dress for your reception, ask your bridal boutique for more forgiving silhouettes and dresses made of comfortable materials—think empire waist and sheath dresses. The one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want your reception dress to outshine your ceremony gown. Beadings and laceworks are fine, but keep them less than your ceremony dress.

3. Have Fun With Colours
Brides don’t always have to wear white. Choosing a coloured reception dress is a new trend that more and more Singapore brides are embracing. For instance, if your wedding colours are purple and pink, choose a cocktail dress in the shades of those colours or a beautiful red dress. An important point to remember, however, is to not choose a colour that matches your bridesmaids. You want to stand out at your reception, not to blend in with the crowd.

4. Let Your Personal Style Shine
Stay true to your style when choosing a ceremony dress and a reception dress. Your style will tie both looks together. For example, if you aim for a fairytale-like wedding, choose regal style dresses. There are many elegant wedding gowns from White Link bridal in Singapore that you can choose from. For the Singapore ceremony, wear a ballgown or a princess style wedding dress, with intricate beading and off-shoulder sleeves. For your reception dress, pick a sweetheart, A-line, tea-length dress. When both of your dresses reflect your style, the outfit changes will flow seamlessly together.


5. Include Traditional Pieces
If you want a touch of your culture in your wedding, your reception dress can be a great way to represent it. For Singapore brides, you can wear a cheongsam. Choose the shorter style for a more comfortable choice. Another way is to accessorize accordingly if you don’t want to don a traditional dress. Instead of wearing a cheongsam, accessorizing in red and gold would be a tasteful option to keep your culture subtly included in your celebration.

6. Consider Transition Dresses
Some boutiques carry dresses that can be worn in different ways, so make sure to ask your bridal studio for this collection. Some full skirts can be removed to reveal a short dress underneath, long sleeves can be detached to reveal off-shoulder straps, or boleros can be removed to reveal sleeveless or tube top. By wearing a dress with these elements, the transition from ceremony to reception look is automatically cohesive since the body of the dress is retained.

7. Mind the Fabric and the Beading
If your wedding gown displays opulence and elegance, carry this stunning look into your wedding reception by bringing the gorgeous elements from your ceremony gown to your reception dress. For example, if your first dress is adorned with heavy beadwork, ask your bridal boutique consultant for dress options in beaded sheath silhouette neckline or sash/belt that hints at the glamour of your wedding gown.

When to Change Dresses?

First off, plan things ahead of time. Have the dress, shoes, and jewellery (yes, some brides switch all the accessories, too) all laid out in the master’s room of your reception venue. Designate one or two of your friends (but definitely not three or more) or your wedding planner to help you change. If you bring too many people in the changing area, it might take longer for you to change than necessary.

Ideally, you can change right after the Singapore ceremony, before the reception starts. However, some brides choose to change after the first dance or before the party started. If you prefer changing while the reception is going on, make sure not to be gone for more than 10 minutes or your guests will notice you have been gone long enough. Your wedding planner should be able to keep you on schedule and urge you to get back to the party if you’ve been in the changing room for too long.

Having two wedding gowns is a relatively novel trend, so don’t confine yourself to a certain fashion rule or expectation. Take advantage of this opportunity to spice things up in your wedding day, to be creative with your look and to surprise your guests, and most of all, your groom. But remember, it isn’t necessary to change into another dress. If you love your wedding gown and prefer not to take off the dress you painstakingly put on earlier, you can certainly wear it throughout the night.


Say Yes to Outdoor Weddings

Finally said yes to walking down the aisle? That’s great! Now the next question is, have you already chosen the location? It’s summer and it’s such a great time to have that wedding outdoor. So if you’re considering a garden or beach wedding, check out these beautiful locations. wedding-planning-ideas-tips-outdoor-weddings.original

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Imagine you and your partner exchanging vows with a picturesque site of nature as your backdrop.  Wouldn’t that be incredible? Who knew that even in the midst of the city, you could still have that surreal garden wedding, and that’s exactly at Burkhill Hall in the Botanic Gardens. Here, you could share this symbolic union around the people who matter to you in full solemnity. Whether you prefer having your wedding at day time or at night, Burkhill Hall is the location for you because either way, it is still magnificent and doesn’t fail to provide that romantic feel to your special event. singapore-wedding-photographer-008

Tanjong Beach

Are you the type of couple who fancies a beach wedding? Here in Singapore, that’s a bit tricky since there aren’t so many to choose from, but luckily, there is one spot where you could celebrate that significant milestone without the downside of having to share the location with a huge crowd of beach-goers. At Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, you’ll get the right amount of tranquillity suited for saying “I Do” to the one you love. Having this kind of location is perfect for couples who enjoy a more casual setting and who like to simply feel the sand on their feet as they step into another chapter of their lives.




6 Steps to Finding the Right Reception Venue

 When it comes to wedding reception planning, the venue is the most important part of the puzzle. This is the first major decision you have to make in the Singapore planning procedure. Once you have decided your wedding reception location, everything else will follow. To further help, here are the 6 basic steps to finding your reception venue.

1. Determine the Style and Theme of Your Wedding

Today’s weddings are more on creativity and personality, that’s why themed weddings are very much preferred by many nowadays. Consider your personal style and add the glam of your ceremony venue to your reception venue. Choose a venue that best reflects the style and theme of your wedding, or set up the place according to your wedding’s style.

2. The Geographic Location

Do you want to get married in your hometown? In the town with the perfect banquet for couples in Singapore where you’re currently living? How about in the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? With today’s modern and adventurous couples, the possibilities are endless. Make everything memorable by considering unique and unexpected places to be your wedding venue. Afterwards, reward your guests with breath-taking views from your reception venue matched with the locality’s delicacies to satisfy everybody’s palettes.

3. Estimate the Party Size

The space of your reception venue depends on the size of your party, so make sure to get a good estimation of the number of guests. Remember that no matter how lovely your venue can be, if you have 300 guests all crammed up in a 150-seated Singapore venue, you will surely turn a sophisticated and elegant wedding into a horde of irritated and mad guests. Make sure to check personally the place and inquire how many people it can accommodate in a seated setting.

4. Look for Sites

Search as many Singapore wedding reception venues that meet your standards as you can. Search through the internet or ask referrals from friends and family. Call different venues and ask for questions about reception party accommodations. Ask about the date availability, pricing structure, and the type of area that will be offered for your event. Take note of everything for comparisons after you have called a couple of potential venues.

5. Narrow Down The List

After getting all the information needed, sit down with your partner and compare all the information you have gathered from different venues.  Narrow it down to three and plan when to visit the location.

6. Visiting and Booking

Visit your top 3 Singapore venue choices and recheck all the information given to you over the phone. Also, don’t forget to ask again if the venue is available on your Singapore wedding date. Check the area where you would want the reception to take place and ask if they have packages and discounts to offer. If you think everything is set and you’re satisfied with all its amenities, don’t waste time and book the venue right there and then.

Couples Turn to Wedding Portal for Bridal Information

Today, for couples in Singapore who plans to marry, joining a wedding portal is an important part of wedding planning and it is now often crucial to the success of a wedding. There was a time when planning the marriage event was tougher than finding a perfect spouse. In fact, there were too many reasons behind this fact. In early times, the bride-to-be or groom-to-be were the persons responsible for arrangement of whole event alone. Sometimes, the relatives of groom or bride participated in the arrangement of event, but it never happened all the times. You know that just one person is absolutely not enough to handle all the arrangements for a wedding event. However, in case of having participation of many people in the arrangement of marriage event, there are chances of having misunderstanding or confusion as well. For families in Singapore, such disarrangement is enough to ruin the whole event and invite criticism of guests at the marriage function. To avoid all these happenings and disarrangement, people felt the need of wedding forums or following a wedding portal.

Do you know the meaning and aim of wedding forum in the real sense? If you want to benefit truly from the services of this kind of an association, you must have complete information about it, which is made available to you when you join a Singapore wedding portal. These are the wedding planners that promise their customers to provide best services at the event of their marriage ceremony. The services that these wedding planners provide to their customers are like on time delivery of fault free wedding dress, wedding rings, saying heartily welcome to guests, arrangement of fresh flowers, bridal make-up, groom make-up, wedding cakes, attractive topping of cake etc. The arrangement of refreshments for the guests is also a key responsibility of these forums. However, after providing all these services in best manner as well as without any complaints, these wedding planners expect something more from their customers besides their original charges. It is also reality that the charges of these forums are excessive and it is not possible for everyone in Singapore to bear these extra-ordinary charges. Good thing everyone now has an alternative: joining a wedding portal.

If you are worried about very high expenses of wedding planners near your home, just don’t worry at all. Every problem has a solution and the efficient solution of this problem is called “online wedding forum”. Online wedding forums or wedding portal are not only an alternative of those wedding planners that are located everywhere in your city, but a real treat for newlywed couple in terms of crystal clear difference in charges. Yes, these online forums have many tremendous offers for their customers and a wide range of event arrangement plans as well. Every wedding plan has some cool attraction that is the specialty of that plan. In most cases, the attraction of a wedding portal is in the form of discount offers or some gift service along with booking of some related service. You can truly say that the best benefit of getting services from a Singapore online forum for arrangement of wedding event lies in their economical advantage. You can save much of your amount by getting services of an online forum at the event of your marriage.

Another great benefit of choosing online wedding forum as a wedding planner is that you can overlook the services of that wedding planner by sitting on your chair at your own home. When you join a wedding portal, you have no need to wander here and there in search of some reliable wedding planner thanks to these online forums. Just search about online wedding planners in your own area at any search engine and get the list. Now, take a deep look on the services and charges of these online forums and try to compare them. After getting some cheap option, just read the reviews of people about the services of that source. If reviews are positive, don’t waste your time and catch that forum instantly.

Designer Singapore Wedding Dress and Gowns for the Bride

Wedding Gowns is one of the main attractions of any Singapore wedding ceremony. Every bride to be dreams about a wedding dress and going to a bridal studio since her childhood, and when the time really comes, the girl spares no efforts to look very special on her most important day of life. There are lots of wedding dress choices in front of a bride when it comes to wearing a wedding dress from a reputable bridal studio to take the breath away from his groom and of course the crowd of invitees. The easiest of course is to shop around and find a readymade gown that fits you nicely. But you may have to make wedding gowns sacrifices this way as you cannot get what you have in mind for your special day. This is where Singapore designer wedding dresses made by wedding dress designers come into play.

Go for designer gowns only if you have a fat wallet

Designer gowns are believed to be expensive, and this is just an understatement as a Singapore designer uses his brain to create a wedding dress masterpiece and this requires lots of expenditure as against producing wedding gowns in Singapore wedding dress wholesale. In fact, one should approach a wedding dress designer of her choice only when the budget for the Singapore wedding dress singapore is at least $2500 which is prohibitive for most to be Singapore brides. Many think it foolish to spend so much on a wedding gown from a bridal studio knowing that it will not be used again. Yes, it is true that it is hard to imagine a girl wearing her Singapore wedding gown from a bridal studio again on any occasion later on, but it is also a fact that marriage is a very important ceremony and the memories of feeling and looking very special in her wedding dress or wedding gowns on the wedding day linger on for years and also reflected in Singapore wedding dress pictures and videos that a bride shows with pride to friends and relatives later in life.