Wedding Colour Combinations You Need to Consider

Along with your chosen theme, the colour palette you’ll choose will set the tone of your wedding. But aside from the fact that there are a lot of colours to choose from, adding one or two more hues could make choosing your colour palette trickier.

You definitely wouldn’t want a palette that clashes with each other or looks boring, right? For that reason, we rounded up five colour combinations that doesn’t just look good together, but are also poised to be on trend this year.

Gold and French Blue

Easy on the eyes, there’s just something about the shade of sea and sky that gives you that cool, calm and collected feeling. Just add in a hint of gold and you’re well on your way to enjoying and elegant and romantic wedding.

Orange and Burgundy

If you fancy a bold and warm celebration, then this colour duo is perfect for you. Use the shade of burgundy to add some depth, and orange to brighten up your wedding.

Natural Green and White

Go au naturel by opting for the colour combo of green and white. This combination will remind you of an elegant yet fresh theme. When strategically used, it could work for any vintage- and minimalist-loving bride.

Peach and Blush

You can’t get any more sweet and delicate with peach and blush. It’s a romantic pairing perfect for brides-to-be who want to keep things timeless, simple and chic using the neutral shades of the two colours.

Sage, Peach and Merlot

This colour palette is all about being shabby chic and down-to-earth. So if possible, work as much natural wood into your décor but balance out your natural surroundings with dramatic elements, such as chandeliers and a luxe lounge space.

Shades of Grey

You may think grey is a gloomy colour for a wedding, but make no mistake. It’s actually a versatile colour that works especially well with blue, mauve and pink. Just add in a silvery accent and you’ve got yourself one glamourous and opulent wedding.

Aside from setting the tone of your wedding, choosing the right colour palette will also help in showcasing a glimpse of your personality on your big day. So be sure to opt for any of the aforementioned colour combinations to ensure that your colour palette won’t end clashing with each other or looking to plain and boring.