Audio Visual Tips to Organize a Successful Event

When it comes to determining the audio visual needs of an event, there is so much more to think about than just figuring out how much money should be allocated for lights, themes, vision and sound. To be sure that you are getting your money’s worth from your event’s audio visual design, sufficient knowledge about the capabilities of the equipment and your AV equipment rental company is essential. To help you, we listed down some audio visual tips that will aid you in organizing a successful event.


1. Ask the Right Questions

Inquiring about the technical details of their products is an excellent way of getting a sense of competence and confidence from an AV rental company. Ask questions about whether or not their sound system is capable of delivering loud and exciting music when needed, or what kind of lighting fixtures do they use for events like yours. Just remember that you are asking these questions to both get specific details and to see how knowledgeable they are in terms of providing services to events similar as yours. Doing this will help you easily determine whether or not you are in good hands.

2. Get Multiple Quotes

It’s surprising how most event planners get second or third quotes for flights and hotel bookings, but fail to do so when it comes to his or her event suppliers AV equipment providers. Just like in airlines and hotels, there’s nothing wrong with asking several companies in Singapore to bid on your event. Just be fair to those companies by telling them that you are getting multiple bids and informing them when they can expect a decision from you.

3. Look for Creativity in Your Provider

When looking for an AV equipment provider, most of us traditionally seek for price, reliability and service. While these are all good measures of a quality audio visual company, an audio visual equipment rental in Singapore creativity in terms of his product offering should also be considered if you want to truly do justice to your event. Advancements in the event lighting and projection technology is now used to determine whether or not an audio visual company is capable of providing a good level of service.

To ensure peace of mind when choosing an AV equipment rental company, inquire about their history of providing services to events similar to yours. Ask for some work samples that is similar in scope to your event or your chosen venue to get an idea as to how their equipment and services can enhance your event.

4. Set and Share Your Event Vision

Setting a clear vision of the aesthetic tone and feel of your event is crucial at the pre-production stage. Create a storyboard of your event, discuss images and themes with your key staff and AV team. Also, don’t limit your creative ideas for your event just to match the types of services that your audio visual company can provide. Remember that a good AV equipment and PA system rental company should be able to take on any creative ideas and bring them to life.


5. Request AV Needs in Advance

Get quotes from different audio visual rental companies or work with the venue staff in advance to ensure that they are aware of everything you need for the day of the event. Some event venues in Singapore provide personnel assistance to help their clients in setting up all the necessary equipment. If your chosen venue doesn’t provide such support, opt to hire an AV technician to help you set up and operate the equipment throughout your event.

6. Hire an Audio Visual Technician

Most AV rental companies in Singapore provide equipment testing as part of their service – but sometimes, it’s not enough. You may have been briefed on how to operate the equipment you rented, but that doesn’t give an assurance that you will be able to handle any technical issues or problems that might arise during the course of your event. This is why it’s best to hire an audio visual tech for your event so he can handle the operations and troubleshooting of the equipment. Most technicians typically require a four-hour minimum charge, so take advantage of their skills and let them control the technical aspect of your event.

7. Give Importance to the Sound Equipment for Your Event

Aside from the lightings and projectors, you should also give importance to the sound system that will be used for your event. Some of the important things to look for is the equipment’s coverage capacity of your event in producing crystal-clear speech and music material. If you are going to use cinematic sound effects or high-energy music, ensure that the system can replicate the full range of the material. Also, consider having at least two subwoofers in place to maximize the impact of any bass lines or low-end effects.

8. Go Digital

As you share the vision of your event to your AV and PA system rental company, inquire about any methods that you can use to digitally enhance your affair. Are they capable of providing AV equipment and custom-built set designs to transform your venues conference hall into a space for a gala dinner? Find out what design and creative support your provider offers, as well as whether or not their in-house designers have the skills to implement and deliver any concept your imagination conjures.

Hiring a good audio visual company and getting the right AV equipment are key factors in determining whether or not your event will be successful. So make sure that you put these tips to work the next time you organize an event to ensure that your affair becomes a big hit and to get your money’s worth.


How to Pick a Driving Lessons Institution in Singapore


Learning how to drive is exciting, but taking driving lessons Singapore based is a lot more fun. Also, learning from a driving school Singapore that has the best experiences in teaching and in driving will be a lot more helpful in your learning process.  However, with the number of driving schools that have come up now, choosing one that will help you earn that license is easy but at the same time, confusing.  Easy, because there are so many options. You can simply visit a driving school, enroll, and start your lessons right away. Confusing because, it’s hard to pick which among these schools are the best.

Smiling female driver

If you are still confused as to what driving school to choose, this post is going to help you. In here, you’ll find out some of factors that you must consider in choosing an institution where you could get good and cheap driving lessons Singapore. This can help lessen the time in choosing as you can easily assess whether they can cater to your needs by looking for these things.

Lesson Schedule

Most people, especially those who are already working, don’t really have control over their own schedule. This is due to the fact that they mostly work from 9am to 6pm every day. If you’re part of this majority, surely, your free time doesn’t fall under the regular business hours.  Good thing there are driving lessons Singapore institutions that offer schedule fit for the lifestyle of working professionals.

Instructors’ Qualifications

Of course, you would want nothing but to learn from the best instructor around, right? By enrolling in a good driving school Singapore institution, you are one step closer to earning your driver’s license. Why? Because they have professionals who don’t just have the credentials to back up their competence, but also the passion to teach. The instructor should be patient enough to teach even the most difficult student while still keeping a smile on their face.


Car Type

When it comes to learning how to drive, you always have the option to study either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission car. There are three notable differences between the two. A manual transmission car has a clutch that is used to unlock the other gears in order for the car to run. A manual transmission also has a gear shift which allows the driver to manually shift gears themselves.

Lastly, in a manual transmission car, the driver does almost all the work in order for the car to run smoothly, while in an automatic transmission car, the driver need not exert a lot of effort. You, as the student, have the freedom to choose what type of car you want to learn driving. Rest assured, though, that whatever you choose, the driving school providing your cheap driving lessons Singapore has the right car for you.

Driving lessons Singapore institutions can help you become a professional driver and earn you a license in no time. Provided that you get the best training from the best institution, learning to drive would be an easy and fun experience to go through.


Photography Lesson: Choosing the Right Background


Before you hire a photo studio, it’s a good idea to be aware of the importance of your background. The background is one of the most important aspects of photo shooting. To get the best possible photo, you’ll need a background that’s neither too dull nor too cluttered. If the background is dull, the entire photo may seem dull. But if the background is too busy, it may take attention away from the image itself.  You’re supposed to be the star of the photo shoot. The background is just there to complement your photo.


Using Proper Lighting

The background will need to be properly lighted. Modern photography equipment can help adjust the lighting. By adjusting the lighting of the background, the subject can either be brought into or out of focus. There are three main types of lighting that are very popular among photographers. These are:

  • Graduated – The subject of the photo shoot will stand in front of a curved background with the source of light coming from above. The goal is to make the top of the background appear lighter than the bottom.


  • Dropped Out – The subject will stand on a clear platform with the source of light coming from below the platform. A white background or a solid colored one works best here. The goal here is to make it seem like the subject is suspended above the ground.


  • Even lighting – Here, the entire photo is evenly lighted. Neither the subject nor the background is overexposed.


Choosing the Background Color

You’ll want a background color that will complement your looks and that will fit the style of photo you’re looking for. There’s no right or wrong answer as to what color you should use. In the end, it depends on the need of your photo. Different colors are known to provide different reactions or emotions from the audience. For example, the color blue may signify calmness and intelligence.

Using Plain Black Background

A black background may make the subject seem more sophisticated. Red is usually assorted with love or aggression. If you’re unsure which background color to use, one of the simplest guides is to get a color based on your gender. Dark colors like brown and black work well on male subjects because they show strength. Lighter shades which reflect tenderness are better for females. Of course you’ll need to take other things into consideration like skin color, eye color, or the subject’s clothes.

If these tips fail, there’s no need to worry. Modern technology can fix a lot of things and that includes your photo background. If your photo doesn’t turn out as expected, the photo studio can edit it using software. As you can see above, choosing the right background is not as simple as it may seem. Proper equipment is important as if knowing the effects of lighting. This is why you may choose to hire photo studio instead of having your photos taken outside.


Benefits of Using a Data Classifier


In today’s times, risks of cyber-attack are becoming more uncontrolled. Do you have a reliable data classifier to protect your business? Data classification solutions are necessary in making certain your data are protected all of the time. You might think you can’t afford investing in a software program right now since business isn’t really doing well. However, the more you let your business operate without any level of data protection, the more you are likely to lose as well.

Data Security on Red Keyboard Button.

What exactly is a data classifier?

A data classifier takes care of categorizing your data depending on their level of sensitivity. Your data will be classified from open public to extremely private. The most private data must be protected by a greater level protection. Risk is among the considerations that identify the sensitivity of a data. The greater the risk involved should a data be viewed without any authorization, then the more sensitive it is.

Using a data classification system, it is possible to categorize your data properly. Apart from that, you are also able to arrange your data storage. It will be easier for you to find whatever data you need at any moment. A data classifier comes in many types. You may select one with regards to the service you think that is most suitable for your business.

To illustrate, when your personnel utilizes email as a main means of communication, then you’d gain from an email classifier product. With this, you’ll be able to always be sure that messages and file attachments can only be viewed by individuals they are meant for. It would secure you from accidental data loss. Moreover, users are warned if the e-mails that they are sending violates the security policy. You will be the first one to find out if someone does such.


Advantages of Data Classification Software

When your business functions every day, much more data are made and obtained. Clients, employees, and other stakeholders all contribute to these data. These important information ought to be saved and sorted correctly so you could access them quickly for when you’ll need them. Making use of a data classification software, you can make certain that your data assets are protected and won’t get lost whatever happens.

You can make tagging data much easier because you are provided with choices of the classification approach you’d like to use for them. It is useful with regards to keeping all important facts even in the event some of your employees resign. Surely, you do not want your important data gone as your personnel leave.

Prioritizing Data and Security

You need to be certain that regardless of staff turnover, you’d manage to run your business and keep total control over your data assets. However, in truth, you do not have to give all your data exactly the same level of security. You can organize your data so you will determine which of them need more security than the others.

Don’t worry if you have a lot on your plate. You need not handle this manually. With the aid of companies offering different data classifier software, you can have peace of mind that the means to access sensitive data is controlled, without you doing all the heavy work. With that, do not leave security of your data assets to chance. Search your data classifications solutions on the net right now.


Characteristics of a Good Plumbing Company

Finding a good plumbing company is like finding a new friend. Apart from being helpful and reliable, they are also determined to cater to all of your needs, and provide you with high quality level of service. There are a lot of qualities that you could look for in a company, but do you know which ones are the most important? Here, we’ve listed down some of the characteristics that makes great plumbing companies stand out from the rest.


1. Insured and Licensed

Most plumbing companies in Singapore are required to be insured and licensed, but not everyone is. Being licensed and insured is crucial as it allows them to legally perform some plumbing works in your home, and in case something goes wrong, they have all the resources to correct it.

A lot of accidents could happen to a plumber, but these plumbers could also commit mistakes that might damage your home or plumbing system. Insurance and licenses are necessary not just to protect to the company, but the homeowners as well.

2. Outstanding Reputation

Just like any other company, a good plumbing company should have an outstanding reputation. So consider checking on a company’s reputation first before hiring them for their plumbing services.

You can easily do this by visiting the company’s website, and look for the ratings and reviews given by the company’s past clients. Another way to do it is to ask them for a referral list, and have their previous customers share their experience with the plumbing company. Doing so won’t just let you get more information about the company, but also give you an idea as to what kind of result you can expect to get from them.

3. Drug Tests and Background Checks on Plumbers

Allowing a stranger into your home to fix something makes you vulnerable to something bad potentially happening. To ensure that you’re not compromising the safety of your family and home, confirm that all the plumbers from the company have gone through thorough background checking and drug testing. Doing this will definitely make you feel more secure when a plumber is around instead of being always on guard.

4. Friendly Staff

Hiring a plumber or plumbing contractor with a positive attitude is crucial as this allows you to comfortably ask questions about the necessary repairs. Receptive plumbing companies that have a number such as the Faber plumbers 24/7 hotline in Singapore aim to establish a good connection between their customers, to ensure that they will be the first on their call list whenever you are in need of plumbing services.

That characteristic of the company or the plumber himself gives them a guarantee that you’ll hire them again, or even recommend their services to your family and friends. This type of permanence and reputation usually comes from a well-earned reputation, and years of experience in the plumbing industry.


5. Quality and Variety of Services Offered

Apart from having a good reputation and trustworthy technicians, a good plumbing company should also offer a great variety of quality plumbing services like faucet repair and installation, preventative maintenance, drain cleaning, toilet repair and installation, and video pipe inspection. The company should be able to provide both quality commercial and residential plumbing services.

If possible, the company should also have an emergency or a 24 hours plumber ready, in case you need to get a plumbing job done at inconvenient hours.

6. Experience

Another important characteristics of a good plumbing company is their years of experience in the field. Any company’s experience can be easily judged through the number of their satisfied customers. The amount of trust their clients give them signifies the company’s and their plumbers’ experience, as well as the kind of reputation they have in the industry.

7. Guaranteed and Fast Repairs

A great and reliable plumber won’t show up at a client’s house carrying just the basic part to perform some common repairs – they should come prepare with their fully-stocked truck. If a special part needs to be ordered to complete your plumbing task, then the company should do everything possible to have your problem fixed as soon as possible.

Fast repair services often leads to sloppy results, however, which is why it’s crucial to have a guarantee on the work done to your plumbing system. A company that provides a guarantee for their repair job allows you to feel confident with the plumbing works that they did, and helps you save money in case the first job didn’t completely fixed your problem.

8. Availability

A plumbing company’s availability in a particular area is a must. Obviously, you won’t be able to ask for their services if they don’t have any branches in your area in Singapore. So, as much as possible, check the company’s availability in your area first before calling them in.

9. Affordability

Before hiring a plumbing contractor from a particular plumbing company, make sure that their rates fit with your estimated budget. Also, try comparing their rats with other plumbing companies, and go for the one that you think best suits your needs and budget.

10. Respects the Time of their Clients

A great plumbing company respects the time of their clients, and offers some form of compensation if their plumber is late for work. Circumstances, such as traffic, often gets in the way and prevents the plumber from showing up in time. If your prospective plumbing company truly respects your time, they won’t let you experience such frustration – they will get to work as quickly as possible, and finish the job that they were paid to do.

Although the need to do home repairs sometimes is never pleasant, knowing that you have someone you can rely on to fix your problem will definitely give you a little peace of mind.