Unusual Behavioral Addictions


Behavioral addictions generally refer to non-drug related obsessions. In a sense, substance and behavioral addictions are very similar; the person never ceases to engage in the same behavior with high intensity despite the dire consequences.

Work Addiction

It describes a person’s obsession when it comes to work to the point that outside interests, social involvements, relationships and personal health are compromised. There is a thin line between work addiction and just working too much. Often times, a simple hardworking person sees their job as a fulfilling obligation and necessary but work addicts cannot afford not to work. Their minds continue to be preoccupied and wander about job-related problems/issues.

According to research, work addiction is rooted from childhood and family background. They became products of a thinking that nothing is good enough or perfection is the key to success. The problem is, perfection is unachievable, regardless of age and economic status.

Food Addiction

It is preoccupancy about anything that has something to do with food—from ingredients, preparations to meals. Eating too much despite dire consequences to one’s health or cutting back on food intake is similar to the description of drug dependence. The drive to consume food is very intense that it overpowers the motivation to observe self-control which is alike to the compulsion of what drug addicts experience in resisting the substance.

However, weight problem is not equated to food addiction, although obesity is affecting people all over the world, including Singapore where 1 out of 9 people are affected. In a nutshell, the difference lies on the intensity of cravings and power to control.

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction has similar characteristics to alcoholism, overeating and gambling. It is excessive, out of control and gives a sort of high or rush just like a substance addict. In most cases, persons with this addiction like to shop till they drop and feel literally better in doing so, an ordinary person would feel worse in spending too much as it has financial fire backs. Shopping addicts normally have a bunch of stuff or possessions never been used and still have price tags.

Internet Addiction

It is an obsession or overuse of internet to the point of losing time with loved ones and lack of sleep. Although internet addiction is not yet formally recognized as a disorder, therapists and rehab centers are facilitating treatment procedures to affected persons using the same approach to cure chemical-related addictions.

Thank You is a Magic Word

Giving an appreciation to a person is one way to express love. You may or may not have the intention to do it but the fact that you show your gratitude to someone is something very important. There are a lot of times that individuals disregard saying a simple “Thank You” to an individual who helped them.


It is a wrong reason to say that it is just an attitude to never state this ordinary yet touching phrase. Many individuals also utter this expression but without feelings. They do it just because they are used to saying it. It’s just a word that comes from their mouth because they have been making it for several times.


Always say “Thank You”. Whatever happens, even if it is worst, do not forget to say “Thank You.” You may become a fool by doing this. But it is also for your own good. You will be less stressed and you can concentrate more on what’s important. For instance, you plan for the evening is done and then the rain came in.

The first thing you are going to say is “What a bad weather!” Instead of saying this, thank the rain for coming in and watering all your plants and leaving no dust in the road. No, you don’t act like a fool because you are having fun with yourself, which is less stressful and will make your day positive. In general, stay happy by saying the magic word.


How to Deal with Antisocial People

If you are the type that does not like to be with other people, you are either an antisocial or a loner. You will be happy to know that there are applications that can help you maintain the solitude that you want. For example, you can install Cloak; Cloak is an app that will alert you when people you do not like come within 3.2 kilometres.


Apart from Cloak, there is another app called Split. Split will give you directions or escape route if people you do not like come near you. Cloak and Split use geographic data from the social media accounts (Foursquare and Instagram) of people that allow them to pin their locations. These apps are trend setter. They will start a new trend of antisocial media.


We should respect the privacy of antisocial. If in this case you know someone who is antisocial, you should learn how to deal with them and befriend them if the situation calls for it. If you get them to open up, their lives will be better. You will see. Here are some tips on how to deal with antisocial:

  • Start small: You do not expect an antisocial to open to you right away. Like any other friendship that blossoms through time, you need to start small and work your way up. For example, you can talk to that person. Be the first to engage.
  • Be nice: The best thing that you can do is to be nice to the person. There are people who do not like antisocial because they think that they are weird and criminal. That is the misconception. If you are nice to the person, rest assured you will get the same treatment. 
  • Start hanging out with the person: There is nothing wrong if you hang out with an antisocial. If you find the same interest, everything will fall into its proper place. 
  • Do the things that interest the both of you: Before you start hanging out with an antisocial, you need to discover the things that interest the both of you. You can learn it if you engage in small talks.

The apps (Cloak and Split) are available here in Singapore. Singaporeans can enjoy the apps if they want to. These apps are not that expensive. It may sound weird or uncool to you but many people find this functional and useful. There are others apps worth your time and investment. Just look for it in the market.



Road Safety Measures for Schools

In November 2013, ten primary schools saw the LTA’s (Land Transport Authority) road safety initiatives. The Parliament Secretary for Transport visited the primary schools on January 3, 2014 to see the progress. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim noted that motorists now are driving cautiously.    guidelines

If you are a motorist, you should know that the cyclists and the pedestrians are the most vulnerable among the road users. You should be familiar with road safety measures especially if you are approaching schools. Here are some road safety measures launched by LTA:

Warning Markings

There are many warning markings or signs when you approach a school zone. For instance, there are markings that warn you to slow down or reduce speed, etc. There is no reason if you get into accidents because you are properly warned.


Lowering Speed Limits

LTA has changed the speed limits outside the school. LTA implemented 40 km/h speed limit during school hours. This is to minimize speed-related accidents.

Speed Humps

Apart from the warning markings and lowering speed limits, LTA also placed more speed humps. There are people who would call it speed bumps. Speed humps are traffic calming devices designed to reduce the speed of a vehicle to improve safety.


There are pedestrian barriers too. These barriers are effective in preventing pedestrians to cross dangerous areas. Barriers are especially put in critical areas.

The safety of the children crossing the streets should be prioritized. LTA is on the right track. Now it is up to the children to follow the measures. Educators and parents should consistently remind the children to watch out when they cross the street and always consider the pedestrian whenever they cross.

Flavours of Singapore

The multicultural population of Singapore paved way to countless delectable dishes. There is always something for your taste buds. If you are in the mood for binge eating, you will be fascinated with diverse food selections. You can begin with the following selections:


Rendang is prepared by boiling the beef, lamb or chicken with spices (such as garlic, ginger, turmeric and many more) and coconut milk. Rendang is traditionally served during Hari Raya Aidilfitri or a tribute for important guests. But now, you can have it at any time of the day when you want it. To taste the best Rendang, you should head to Kampong Glam (Sabar Menanti) and Orchard Road (Rice Table and Garuda Padang). You can also find Rendang in numerous Indonesian restaurants.

Otak Otak

Otak Otak is a Malay dish. The texture is soft and squishy. There are numerous variations of Otak Otak-crab, fish and prawns. Otak Otak is best if it is paired with other local dishes like Nasi Lemak and Laksa. It is readily available if you want to taste it. Food centres have stalls that readily sell Otak Otak.

Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is made of pork ribs boiled in broth (of spices and herbs). It is served with vegetables, bean curds, rice, noodles and many more. There are two variations that you can choose from-Cantonese and Hokkien style. To taste the best Bak Kut Teh, you should head to Balestier Rd, Joo Chiat Rd and Rangoon Rd.

After binge eating, you would want to walk around to at least burn all the calories you gained. You can choose to window shop or buy some items if you like. You can head to Kampong Glam, Chinatown and Little India for the best shopping experience. Aside from a happy tummy, you will go home with a happy heart.