Where to Buy the Best Books in Singapore

We read books because it enriches the spirit. If you are a book lover, bookstores will serve as your paradise here on earth. It is important that you know where to buy the best books in Singapore. You should head to:

Woods in the Book

Woods in the Book is located in 58 Club Street. They especially offer picture books for all. You will surely enjoy the illustrations, pictures and graphics. They also sell popup books like Red Riding Hood and Little Prince and many comic books.


Kinokuniya is located in Orchard Road, Victoria Street and River Valley Road. It is located right at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district. It sells a lot of books from Chinese to German, English and French. Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore and its store in Singapore is considered the biggest outside Japan.


BooksActually is located in Yong Siak Street. The bookstore presents literature and fiction books including journals, poetry, essays and other works. You can find many types of stationery here.


Times Bookstore have branches in Jelita, JCube, Tampines, Marina Square, Centrepoint, Plaza Singapura and Paragon. They offer variety of English Books. You will see fiction, non-fiction, lifestyle and children’s books.


Popular bookstore is located in Tiong Bahru Plaza, Somerset 313 and Bras Basah Complex. This bookstore is considered the leading bookstore in Singapore. It houses different books from nonfiction to fiction, children, secondary and college and many more. Prices are reasonable.

There are other bookstores that offer cheap books and magazines. Happy reading!

Greatest NBA Coaches of All Time

You watch the basketball game and feel tremendously joyful as the team embraces victory. But, you do know that behind every team’s success is a person who helped them, inspired them and probably even sacrificed for them. Here are some of the reputable names who contributed to the prestige of known basketball teams over the years.

Larry Brown

Brown is labeled as one of best basketball coaches for he knows how to properly inspire teams and get the best out of them. His records during his 25-year career as NBA coach showed that he has nearly 1,500 victories and has a winning percentage of .577. Under his supervision, the Kansas Jayhawks won the NCAA Championship Title in 1988, while the Detroit Pistons championed in the 2004 NBA Finals.

Pat Riley

In his stay in the NBA arena as coach for 24 years, Riley proved his prowess in mentoring players as shown by the 5 championships he has won with the L.A. Lakers and Miami Heat. He has a record of 1210-694 and winning games on a.636 percentage.

Gregg Popovich

Being head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich is considered as one of the best coaches over the last 10 NBA seasons. With only 13 years in the career, he already has 633 wins and only 305 losses. He pulled the team towards four championships and eleven winning seasons. With a winning percentage of .646, he also bagged the title of Coach of the Year back in 2002.

Red Auerbach

After leading the Celtics to nine championships and eight titles from 1959-1966, it’s not a wonder Auerback got included in the NBA Hall of Fame in 1969  and why he remains a big name even today. He has a record of 823-426 and winning percentage of .603.

Phil Jackson

With his record of 980-418, Jackson is recognized as the greatest coach of all time. Complemented by his winning percentage of .703 (which is the highest so far), he remains unbeatable. He received the Coach of the Year award in season 1995-1996 and got inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in 2007.

Building Brands- These firms have made it

Following the gradual ‘value shift’ in companies’ focus on labor-intensive production and manufacturing to improving their design, marketing and distribution efforts, and providing better service to their consumers, companies which had done the latter are taking a bigger slice out of the profit pie in the market.

Most of these firms which had not responded fast enough to this shift are however, with the exception of Japan and Korea, Asian firms. This could be due to Asia’s roots in manufacturing and hence low-margin profit. A general unwillingness to aspire to be brand-owners also deters the efforts of Asian firms. In addition, the managerial style of ‘top-down’ system of many Asian companies do not promote new ideas coming from the lower management levels of the company, which may be deemed useful for its branding purpose.

As much as these Asian firms want to ride on this shift, they face much difficulty, as branding is an ongoing process and change would not be fast.

Asian firms could learn more from its Western counterparts, examples of successful companies as follows:

Apple, stresses on a thorough customer end-to-end service experience- a step more than just being a service provider. This enabled it to create a unique branding and hence excel. Therefore, there is a need for Asian firms to learn on this attribute which Apple possess.

On the other hand, some firms improve on its reputation by taking over other brands to enhance its own. For example, Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s personal computer division, Tata Motors’ acquisition of British automotive icons Jaguar and Land Rover, and Geely’s recent take over of Swedish Volvo from Ford.
However, Samsung, an Asian firm, had successfully branded itself after having gone through a long process of research and development to find out its consumers’ needs and wants. This shows that with enough time and resources, Asian firms can actually learn from their Western counterparts to build powerful brands.

Singapore Reports on the Markets

Singapore market insights aims to bring you the latest business news in Singapore to help you achieve your dreams. The mind is a powerful weapon, with the latest information you can surpass your competitors to achieve what they are only dreaming of. The difference between being the number one and number two is great, as well as the profit difference when it comes to monetary conversions. The Singapore markets change every day, as the economy is booming. Along with it brings positive and negative changes that will affect the way you do business.

Take for example, the recent property market silence. Because of the latest cooling measures implemented by the government to favor first-time property owners and HDB owners, the government has made it harder for private home owners to own a HDB property as well. This impacted the property market greatly, and if you are in the property market as an agent or consumer, you would do well to read widely and regularly to be better advised in your situation.

Currently, the measures have suppressed the values of resale HDB flats, so enable them to be more affordable to first time home owners as HDBs are meant for Singaporeans to stay in and not speculate for gains.

These are the type of crucial information that you would be wise to educate yourself in. Not having this information would make you fall back in the race, you would lose out on your possible earnings as well as shoot yourself in the foot if you were looking to invest in a resale HDB now.  Stay tuned to market insights to bring you the latest news on Singapore sectors such as housing, services and products and almost any form of business in Singapore.