Dos and Don’ts During an Earthquake

Most accidents during emergency natural disasters such as earthquakes happen because people panic and do not know what to do.

Although Singapore is not part of the Pacific ring of fire region because it sits on an old rock to the north of Indonesia, it still gets a few tremors if there are quakes in the nearby countries.

What are the things you should and should not do during an earthquake?

  • Don’t run around screaming during the earthquake. Stay calm until the earthquake has stopped.
  • Calmly move away from glass windows or walls that can potentially break if you are indoors. Watch out for falling objects on shelves as well as those hanging from the walls.
  • Do not stand near a doorway during the earthquake as it can collapse.
  • If you are outdoors, slowly move away from utility wires, streetlights, trees, and tall buildings that could potentially collapse.
  • Do look out for ceiling fixtures such as lights and fans which might fall and break. Calmly walk to and stay near solid walls or columns. If there is a desk or a sturdy table, calmly duck and get under it to protect your head.
  • Unplug appliances or gadgets if you are able to do so. If you are in the kitchen and using an open flame, turn off the stove or oven before evacuating. Do not leave your appliances still running.
  • Do not run outside if you are already inside a building or your home. Likewise, do not run into a building or into your home if you are already outside. Stay where you are but walk calmly to a safer area. If the earthquake is strong, you might not be able to move far anyway.
  • If you have caged pets, free them so they can run to safety.
  • If you are in a high-rise building, do not take the elevators. Take the stairs down instead. However, if you are already in the elevator, get off the next floor immediately.
  • Remember the emergency evacuation plans so you will know where to go after the earthquake. If you are inside a building, it is standard practice to evacuate to avoid injuries in case of aftershocks.
  • If you are at an apartment complex, you should also evacuate following the emergency guidelines. Wait for further instructions to avoid injuries.
  • If you are driving, slow down and stop on the side of the road away from large trees or utility wires or under a bridge. Get out of your car and stay calm until the earthquake stops.
  • Avoid bridges or flyovers during the earthquake, but if you are traveling on one, calmly get to a safer place until the earthquake stops.
  • Do not contact your loved ones right away after the earthquake. Give it some time to avoid adding communication jams. A message is better than a phone call.

Withdrawing Money Safely

ATM Safety Tips

Criminals and lawless citizens all over the world are being more creative and bolder when it comes to getting what they want and inflicting fear and harm to others. Unfortunately, Singapore is not an exception to this. The number of listed cases of robberies in Singapore are growing, much to the alarm of the Singaporean citizens.


For our part, the most vital thing we can do is to protect ourselves from being vulnerable to these incidents. Here are some helpful tips to be safe when using the ATM.

  1. Always check before using.

Do not simply rush to the most convenient ATM location to withdraw money. It is crucial that we check the ATM machine and the surrounding areas first before using it. Choose the machine in an area that is well-lit and well-guarded. Check also if there is a CCTV unit monitoring the area. If possible, avoid using an ATM that is obstructed from the view of the public.

ATM machines just outside banks are your best bet because it’s also guarded by the security detail of the bank. ATM machines inside malls are also good to use because they are near an establishment that is well-monitored.

  1. Have someone accompany you.

Using an ATM when you are alone increases your chances of getting mugged on the spot. When you are with a friend or a family member, there is an extra pair of eyes watching your back.


  1. Your card must be protected.

Banks often tell their clients to have their cards ready before approaching the ATM machine. Standing there while rummaging through your bag for your card gives robbers an opportunity to pounce on you. After using it, quickly place it back inside your purse. Don’t just leave it lying around.

  1. Protect your PIN.

Commit your PIN to memory. Don’t write it on a piece of paper or anywhere where just anybody can get a hold of it.

Being vigilant will help us not to be victims of violent crimes. As they say, awareness is half the battle won. Always keep these tips in mind when you plan to withdraw money in an ATM. Stay safe.


Save Your Back: Preventing Workplace Injuries

We work in different industries here in Singapore and in every industry, there entails workplace hazard. With that, it is important that we know what we are up against so we can rise above it. If we do not know the level of hazard we are putting ourselves into, we are putting our lives on the line.


Regardless of what industry we belong to here in Singapore, we use our backs all the time to get things done. Others ignore their backs because they find it insignificant. There are also others that it is okay to sustain workplace injury because the company will pay. This kind of thinking will lead us to injuries. It is high time that we give our backs the importance it deserves because injuries are imminent.

Here are some things that you can do to save your back:

  • B: Be sure to plan the lift. When we are about to lift something, it is imperative that we plan and organize things so when we will walk that path, we will not encounter anything. The best thing that we should do is clear the path of any obstruction no matter how irrelevant we think it is.
  • A: Assess if the load is heavy. Sometimes, when we try to carry something, we just lift it without thinking of its weight. If it is too heavy and we think we can do it, we do not ask for help and just push through. That is not recommended. It will not do us harm if we ask for help. If the load is too heavy, we need to ask for help or assistance.


  • C: Carry the load close to the body. Notice that when we carry something, we keep it as far to our body as possible. That is not correct because there is the tendency that our back might get hurt especially if we twist whilst lifting.
  • K: Keep your back straight. We have to be reminded that when lifting, we should use our leg muscles not our back when lifting. When it is already lifted, we have to make sure that our back is straight. Slouching might tense our back and in the long run it will hurt.

If we do not consider our backs, we will surely suffer the repercussions in time. Working in a safe environment is ideal but accidents happen. In fact, even if you are in an office environment, you are prone to injuries. Let this be our guide to prevent the simplest injuries.