Vehicles in Singapore to Adopt Euro Emission Standards

Singapore’s NEA (National Environment Agency) will have an initiative come September 2017. The initiative concerns Singaporeans who drive petrol vehicles. Let it be known that vehicles here will follow strict Euro VI emission standards. NEA stressed the importance of the emission standards in the improvement of air quality here.


The standards will significantly reduce the emission of detrimental NOx (Nitric Oxide and Nitgrogen Dioxide) and other fine particulates. At present, the city-state is following the Euro IV standards which were implemented in 2006. Apart from Euro VI, NEA will also accept cars that meet Japanese emission standards. After the declaration of the new standards, NEA also announced Singapore’s pledge to decrease carbon emissions in 2020 by 11 percent below Business-as-usual levels.

What is with this Euro emission standard? For starters, you must know that Euro emission standards comprise of different stages and legal framework. The stages are referred as Euro 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The roman numerals are representations of heavy duty vehicles standards. You also need to know other emission standards. Here are some ideas:


  • Emission standards for passenger cars: For petrol cars, under Euro 1, the emission standard of CO (Carbon Monoxide) is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC + NOx (Hydrocarbon + Nitrogen Oxides). For Euro 2, the standard of CO is only 2.2 and 0.97 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard for CO is 2.3, 0.20 for THC (Hydrocarbon) and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC and 0.08 for NOx. For Euro 5, the emission standard of CO is 0.50, 0.10 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC (Non-methane Hydrocarbons), 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM (Atmospheric Particulate Matter). For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.
  • Emission standards for light commercial vehicles: Light vehicles that are use petrol also has sets of emission standards. For Euro 1, the emission standard of CO is 2.72 and 0.97 for HC+NOx. For Euro 2, the emission standard of CO is 2.2 and 0.5 for HC + NOx. For Euro 3, the emission standard is 2.3, 0.20 for THC and 0.15 for NOx. For Euro 4, the emission standard of CO is 1.0, 0.10 for THC, 0.0068 for NMHC and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 5, the emission standard of COis 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM. For Euro 6, the emission standard of CO is 1.000, 0.100 for THC, 0.068 for NMHC, 0.060 for NOx and 0.005 for PM.

The implementation of these standards will undoubtedly benefit the whole city-state.


The Clean and Green Campaign

The Prime Minister mentioned reviewing and strengthening the penalties against littering at the 2013 Clean and Green Campaign. PM Lee said that though there are only a small number of Singaporeans who litter, it should be not be overlooked because these small actions can spread and it could be contagious. In the meantime, a person caught littering would pay a fine of S$300.  

The Clean and Green Campaign is part of the bigger plan by the Government, the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint. The plan has many programmes (like reducing carbon emission and hawker friendly centres) that seeks to protect the environment. Reprimanding littering is a start.

Apart from this campaign, there is also a significant movement here in Singapore. The KSCM (Keep Singapore Clean Movement) is a national initiative that encourages all Singaporeans to shift from a “cleaned city” to a “totally clean city”. This movement is directed by the PHC (Public Hygiene Council), KSBM (Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement), SKM (Singapore Kindness Movement) and NEA (National Environment Agency).

The campaign seeks to bring awareness to all Singaporeans. Inculcating the importance of a clean environment is a long journey but it should be carried out. With the partnership of many agencies, Singapore will surely be a “totally clean city”.

Whether you are a citizen, PR or a tourist, you should do your best to support the campaign and other activities because it will benefit you at the end of the day. You can start by following segregation and throwing your garbage in the right place. That is not so hard, right? 

Singapore Sports Hub’s Premium Seats Membership

Good news to those who want a guaranteed spot with the best view available to watch world-class sports events in Singapore!

You may avail yourselves of the Premium Seats Membership at Singapore Sports Hub, which shall be up and running by the first quarter of 2014. This membership program offers sports enthusiasts and fanatics guaranteed seats in a prime location during events that will happen within the venue.

Last year, the launching of Executive Suites was a success. And this time, the Premium Seats Membership is another program that will delight individuals who want an unparalleled sports and entertainment experience. The membership is priced at S$1950 per seat yearly.

The exclusive seats are situated at the center sections of both north and south wings. This strategic location provides members with the best views available. If you are a member of this program, you need not worry about securing your pass ever, even for highly-anticipated events in which tickets are expected to sell out in matter of hours.

You have the privilege of purchasing your ticket ahead of the public, and that should give you a great relief. Aside from that privilege, other benefits include access to the Member’s Club Lounge and entrance to the Private National Stadium.

You will also be watching comfortably on a premium padded seat with armrests. There is a reserved parking area for all members, and concierge services are also included. You can preview the Premium Seats Membership at the National Stadium Club Experience Center.

Singaporean Government Policies and Initiatives

Apart from the government initiative the overall environment in Singapore is also geared up towards entrepreneurship. There are various workshops and award programs which are arranged around the topic of entrepreneurship. Also the Singapore city provides world class atmosphere which will attract various entrepreneurs to make it their home. Singapore’s cosmopolitan environment also helps the people from various countries to settle there. It also attracts investments from high net worth individuals to invest their money in Singaporean enterprises. There were also some efforts to attract the talent which helped build USA to replicate similar success in Singapore.

Thus Singapore strives to build local enterprises by providing all kind of help to entrepreneurs. It also provides an excellent access network to the markets all over the world through its port. Singapore is relatively new to the entrepreneurship. However, it has already developed lot of infrastructures for the entrepreneurs in a few identified areas. It is ranked very highly in various surveys on the ability of the state to provide the required infrastructure to an entrepreneur. Generally, the entrepreneurs have nothing much to complain about the government other than the sometimes vague government policies. The report indicated the need to promote further local enterprises. So the government worked on a development plan for small and medium enterprises (SME). This SME master plan outlined the various infrastructure supports which the government will provide the ventures.